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    trees and rugby(only watching the son)
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  1. Small timber sale Brighton

    Cornish Chough on here
  2. Larch or not

    Spruce and Douglas
  3. 26t JL Log available roadside now

    Duchy Sawmills or Truro sawmills
  4. Auction in aid of Dave Shepherd

    Glad it could be of use to you, and RIP Dave
  5. Arbtalk raffle live results

    Great idea
  6. Arbtalk raffle live results

    Just wondering Steve if my book token went to a good home.
  7. Oak timber

    Kim needs some,not to keen on cornish oak but that looks ok
  8. Advice for buying start-up tipper

    2007(57) Ford transit tipper £5,500 Newcastle upon Tyne On Treebay looks ok
  9. Arbtalk raffle live results

    Sorry will post this week:thumbup1:
  10. Burr oak, what's it worth?

    One of the nicest and honest man in timber.
  11. Arbtalk Christmas Raffle 2016

    Hello Steve,I would like to give the rope-runner thing I won last year as a prize for this year.The item is un-used as none of the boys wanted it.cheers stu
  12. Arbtalk Christmas Raffle 2016

    All done, I have also sent e-mail and pm to you (Steve) about my donation but no reply as yet.cheers
  13. Dolmar

    Thanks to Shavey:thumbup1:
  14. Rake and burn

    PM Sent
  15. Christmas raffle 2016

    I got the rope runner thing,I won last year offer it back as a raffle prize (Unused,None of the boys wanted it)


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