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  1. bowl turning thread

    Thanks Its alder. I had planned to use wood I'd cut myself or salvaged but I'm too impatient to season it!!! I ordered a box of bowl blanks, mostly alder some sycamore and one lime. It came to £20 delivered with eleven blanks 4" which seemed reasonable to get me started.
  2. bowl turning thread

    My first serious attempt at a bowl. I need to learn how to sharpen my tools better. Still, I learnt alot and had fun doing it.
  3. I found a good mapping app

    I use map my walk. It tracks accurately enough and shows you distance, elevation, pace/elevation aswell as an estimate of calories. I've also been looking for a way to pinpoint features in woodland and fields so will give the other app a try thanks.
  4. Horrible slime on silver birch

    I've seen it before on birch stumps. I think the sap is very sugary (birch wine is on my list of things to make) so always assumed it was a good food source for moulds.
  5. Weird Workmates

    I worked with a seventeen year old lad who used to get caught sneaking out of a hedge when someone walked into a field, still sorting out his trousers with a sheepish look. The strangest time was when the old live in security guard caught him one night pleasuring himself on top of the muck heap!!!
  6. When people baulk at paying for...

    ....and occupying a table that a more lucrative customer could be using. If that's all she ordered the price is fair, as an addition to an order it probably is steep.
  7. Definately the best. I must have watched it ten or more times, normally to a cry of "Urgh not this one again!!!!".
  8. Easter idiots

    Lucky anyone found him with that cammo paint job
  9. what have you come across when trimming the bush .....

    If it has the Queen's head on its mine. My most interesting find. Makes a nice paperweight.
  10. An alternative to firelighters?

    Pissed and ate firelighters with salsa?
  11. gps

    Could you name the apps please. I'd like to do some mapping but struggled to find a good/free one. Thanks
  12. does anyone cook???

    My girlfriend and I do this fortnightly, start off with a mince base cram it with peppers tomatoes then split and turn it into chilli and bolegnase. Saves having to cook (and wash up everything) everynight. Defrosts easily and freely on the woodburner. Also I make a great curry all by myself
  13. Log burner warriors

    Whos trees were they?
  14. Natural kindling

    I use up to half inch dia at home to bulk up the wood pile. Its a bit of faff to do (keep saying ill make pimps for personal use but thats even more faff) but if its seasoned its good kindling and chuck a handfull on in between logs.
  15. The perils of being eco friendly

    Sodding mice have chewed the filler cap to get to Bio Oil, luckily it doesn't leak yet. Off to the dealer I go.


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