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  1. I don’t disagree with what your saying. I’ve always worked with 1 line and a strop. Just the way it’s been done during my time. The industry is obviously on the change though. You are well within your rights to write out two lines in your RA........... it just needs to be justified if someone major goes wrong. You say why does it need 2 lines, but the question will be, why not? If something very very unlikely we’re to go wrong on a decent, you’ve got a backup. Is it going to be that taxing to move another system up with you on that particular tree? Probably not. This whole process will ensure that tree work WILL take longer to perform. We just have to live with that. If anything it may reign in some gun hoe climbers to second think things and slow them down a tad. I really don’t think this will be that major an issue. Just will take time to familiarise ourselves with. In saying all this, I haven’t climbed for the last 8 weeks due to snapping a tendon in my thumb but will be back to it after Christmas. I’m kinda looking forward to the challenge to be honest. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Both lines must enable decent out of the tree so therefore 2 flip lines wouldn’t work from a spar. The way I see it is 2 work lines (primary and backup if you like) and then a strop for better work positioning when cutting or working.
  3. So will the ASAP follow you to the extremity of a branch or does it need to follow a straight line of rope?
  4. Any chance you got a pic of your setup?
  5. Sounds like he’s given you sound advice to be fair. Doesn’t want you to spend your money twice. If it were me I would wait. Reducing trees are superficial and therefore not always required whereas removal is a justified decision.
  6. Doesn’t matter which side you ascend. Just go up th route where your final anchor or task is. Also, don’t bounce test anchors. This can weaken branch and potentially break when your ascending. Simply apply two persons weight on the anchors in a static pull. Don’t jump up and down on the rope. Make sense?
  7. That’s why added the inline. So cheap and translucent to see the dirt.
  8. No. Been back in the uk for 4 years now but spent 4 years out in Melbourne on a working visa.
  9. With due respect to the guy above and I too wish him all the best with his recovery, but what has this to do with two rope working? Let’s face it, he’s very lucky to be alive in the first place. I question the groundies on this one. It’s too big a section to fell out for them to not know he was about to drop it. So why didn’t they try and stop it (although I have no evidence they didn’t tbf). This is more of a video to promote radio working within the team than two rope working.
  10. Not without travelling long distances. Same in AUS where contract climbers have a reputation. Over here subbies are asked to do much more than climb. Grab a rake and feed the chipper before you go. You’ll be all over the country specialising imo. Sorry if it’s ‘[emoji219] in bonnet’
  11. Tell ur camera man to keep his bloody hand still!
  12. It doesn’t. But you can have fall arrestors in a rope access situation to mitigate a fall. I was just being sarcastic but that’s how we got into this mess. As soon as we’re not touching bark, we’re not in a work position, we’re role accessing. We’re swap techniques throughout a climb.
  13. Love the consistency we finding in this industry 🤣🤣🤣[emoji85]
  14. But are you thinking of using a backup system solely? That is 2D thinking. Add a second system and it becomes a 3D system. 2 bridges, 2 swivels and you can move in a 3D fashion.
  15. We added an inline filter to our system so now there are effectively 4 filters before the injectors. More to get clogged but prefer a filter to get clogged than making the piston. Here’s a pic of our first 3 inlines after 20mins of running[emoji85]


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