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  1. Jake Andrews

    Eco-plugs for chemical felling

    If your creating standing deadwood and willing to go back to remove plugs, don't worry about the amount you put in. Any type of glyphosate will cause dysfunction to the tree and a slowly dying tree is better for habitat than a tree that dies suddenly. Go in the woods, record what you do and learn from it. I for one think its a great idea, but ring barking may look more desirable. Bright white plastic in a tree stem is far more eye catching than a chainsaw to the buttress. I can guarantee that you will not retrieve many plugs when they are smashed in as they fan out inside the hole. The plastic is an issue large scale as well like you say. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  2. Was the underpinning piled or trench filled foundation at 3.3m?
  3. Jake Andrews

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Second that.
  4. Jake Andrews

    Dual Decay

    Amazing. sounds good
  5. Jake Andrews

    Dual Decay

    That was supposed to be a joke Sounds like a pretty doomed tree! whats the plan?
  6. Jake Andrews

    Dual Decay

    Did you look around the back of the tree for Meripulus?
  7. Jake Andrews

    Foot Ascender Recommendation

    I was really disappointed with my C.T I loved it when i was using it but the strap wore through from my Meindl airstreams after less than 12 months. Iv since changed over to the Camp in the last week. Its O.k but early to tell. TBH if this is your first ever foot ascender, then either will see you well. Many of us here though just have a personal favourite but i doubt theres much in it any more. I personally wouldn't go for Petzl new gen. I don't like how small they are and don't have a lock catch as @Mark Bolam said. I prefer the Camp because its very much like the old gen petzl. The hole fits a small tool karabiner to in which allows the gate to lock if you want it to. If you don't, then you can quick clip in and out.
  8. Jake Andrews

    Rip, twang, kipper-bang

    Nice failure on this American Oak?? last week. Tree had a small fb of Kretz on the base but was very difficult to spot.
  9. Jake Andrews

    One for stubby bath lost today 😁😁😁😁😁

    That's awesome! I agreed to go watch Bristol Rovers v Oxford for the b.inlaws bday not knowing it's on the same day and time as the rugby😣 I don't even like wendyball that much. Need to try and get through the day without knowing the score to watch it on replay.
  10. Jake Andrews

    Any ideas what this is on horse chestnut?

    @Steve Bullman don't sugar coat it🤣
  11. Jake Andrews

    Rip, twang, kipper-bang

    Thats a 'Rippa' @David Humphries.
  12. Jake Andrews

    Managing Trees with Decay & Dysfunction

    Thanks guys.
  13. Jake Andrews

    Managing Trees with Decay & Dysfunction

    Monolithed this sycamore yesterday at an estate we manage. On the other side of the hedge is a busy A road and a not so busy footpath adjacent. Prevailing wind heads towards the road and the site is very exposed. The tree had been vandalised around 3 years ago and the bark peeled off the lower trunk on the right hand side. Flammulina velutipes has colonised the dysfunctional trunk with Armillaria sp. also present but the species unknown. Due to the dysfunctional trunk, the tree has gone into severe decline on the right hand side of the picture and so the decision was made to remove the sail area, although the tree was not a stability risk. Hopefully the trunk will remain standing for quite a few years to come.
  14. Jake Andrews

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    P. Igniarius was my first thought David but after looking back through the photos I started to doubt myself thinking it resembled gano. Unfortunately no closer shots as I was in a bit of a hurry but will get some next week. Tree is in severe decline with one stem failure at the base. Think I noticed at least 5-6 fruiting bodies. It will be left to degrade as it is not in harms way and off the main track.
  15. Jake Andrews

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Found in a damp woodland on S.caprea. Any ideas?


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