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  1. tractor man

    BGT Chainsaw stunt

    ok but how with out damage to him self ?
  2. tractor man

    BGT Chainsaw stunt

    any ideas how he did the trick with the sword?
  3. tractor man


    has any one seen this before
  4. tractor man

    moving songs

    I hope you all like this as much as i do
  5. tractor man

    dowling sumo v bulry bramption

    we are going to get a new stove and having got it down to these two a dowling sumo or a bulry bramption, its going to be fitted in an inglenook, any advice would be very helpfull, in short which is best? thankyou tractorman
  6. tractor man


  7. <p>hi andrew wellcome to arbtalk hope you have a good time on here. up in this part of the world there only a very few people with the name gale all the best david gale</p>

  8. tractor man

    Whats the weather like near you?

    wind starting to get up for a blow 3c and light rain just now
  9. tractor man


    have filled it in
  10. tractor man

    is this good value

    just had a read of the nights paper logs for sale at 6 bags and a bag of kindling for ten pounds ?
  11. tractor man

    The best braces????!!!!

  12. tractor man

    Safety Gloves

    just ordered a pair of these gloves, will post a review on how they preform
  13. tractor man

    Wood fuel survey

    have done it and filled in the form


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