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  1. Woodland - definition?

    When I surveyed for the national forest inventory, to be classed as woodland an area of trees had to have greater than 20% canopy cover and be larger than half a hectare (minimum of 20m wide). I don't know if that helps?
  2. LPA Refusal

    Should've also made it clear that it the ash on the right. We reduced the ash on the left a year ago but were not allowed to refused to reduce the ash on the right at the same time by the same TO. Can't remember his reasons off the top of his head but was something along the lines of, it doesn't need it.
  3. LPA Refusal

    Aaarrrggghh. Not sure why image is on its side and cant seem to change it. Sorry!
  4. LPA Refusal

    Hopefully the photo is attached showing the 3 lower laterals. The smaller diameter one (lower left) was approved but the larger two above were refused.
  5. LPA Refusal

    I got this back from a local TO the other day. The tree is within an area TPO and Conservation Area. ;This part of the application was refused for the reasons: The points of attachment to the main stem of these two branches are at the same level. The removal of both branches would re sult in large wounds that woul d expose significant wound wood and therefore have potential to allow ingr ess of decay into the tree stem.' The application was to remove 3 lower large laterals from a mature ash to lift the crown. I know size of branch is important and diameter of stem but my thoughts are if a tree is healthy and the pruning cuts are right, wound wood isn't necessarily a problem so why refuse on 'potential' decay. I would love to hear the thougts of those more knoweldgeable and experienced than myself. I will try and find a photo to attach.
  6. Oak timber

    Kim at Cornish hardwoods near Camborne may be interested - http://www.cornwallhardwoodsupplies.co.uk/
  7. Skeleton key van tool thefts....

    I heard about 'peel and steal' on the same BBC news so googled it. It's worrying how quickly and easily they can get into vans!
  8. Business grants

    Got the email today too. Seems they've been busy!
  9. Big Thumbs Up For chainsawbars.co.uk

    No problem
  10. A walk on the darkside... Buy 1 get 1 free

    Well said that man
  11. Padlock recommendation

    When I got robbed 18 months ago there were traces of blood at the scene due to glass that had been broken. I was told by the forensics that came out the the sample of blood they took probably wouldn't be tested due to the cost and the fact that even if they found a match, it only puts that person at the scene, but it doesn't actually prove they stole anything. Ridiculous.
  12. What £6000 stump grinder?

    Anybody own a jo beau stump grinder? Just wondered about realisability as I have just put my name to the new B24-100 when it arrives?
  13. More snowmen, sorry :)

    Hi Mark, they were selling these for £20 each at Abbottsbury Gardens.
  14. Which oil/polish to use on chopping board?

    I used pure mineral oil. Don't know if that was right but the people I gave them to are still alive! http://www.agtreeservices.co.uk/uploads/5/4/6/4/5464573/img-0447_1_orig.jpg http://www.agtreeservices.co.uk/uploads/5/4/6/4/5464573/img-0449_1_orig.jpg
  15. Laburnum...much value?

    I find the same.


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