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  1. Hello, Bart Chipper Doctor has kindly agreed to meet me half way between where I am in Dorset and where he is located in Suffolk to service and repair one of our chippers, as his trip to the south-west was unfortunately postponed close to when he was meant to come down, due to insufficient numbers but now I need to find somewhere that we can meet and he will have room to carry out the work otherwise it wont happen. Does anyone from around this area know of a car park or services where we can stay for as long as it takes and will have plenty of room for him to do the work? Looking at the map it would be around Uxbridge/Gerrards Cross sort of areas for roughly half way between. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance M25 JCT 16.pdf
  2. We have a huge turkey oak (at around 5m it splits into 4 stems which all have a diameter of over a metre and do not taper quickly at all) to remove. We’ve looked at a reduction or even pollard but agreed with Tree Officer removal is only feasible option. It has pseudoinonotus dryadeus brackets at the base and a similar aged tree blew over a few weeks ago with similar levels of decay into the road. This tree is heavily weighted over a car park and would fall on the adjacent doctors surgery. The only workable access is via the car park of the surgery who have allowed us to use it on a Saturday to do the work. Out of the blue, after allowing us to book in the work, they have said that my company will be held liable for any damage caused by the weight of the crane to the car park surface or by any heave in the future. It is a contract lift but the crane company have made it clear that they will hold the client responsible for any damage to the car park if it turns out it is not sufficient for the cranes weight. They will put this in the contract. Does anyone know who would be liable if the crane did damage the car park (sink holes etc) in this scenario? I felt that the crane company should be as it’s their equipment and speciality. Does anyone know if there could be any liability attributable for heave? My understanding is that only if the owner had been negligible but I can’t see that they have in this case? I really don’t want to leave myself or the client open to a claim for relaying a car park! Thanks in advance. Alan
  3. Here are some cross sectional photos the guys took during the dismantle.
  4. Hopefully these help confirm ID?
  5. Yes I think it is a taper lock pulley. By undoing the two bolts I thought this would allow me to remove the bushings but it doesn’t seem loose. Is there a knack to getting this part out?
  6. I wondered what others thought of this picture. It was sent to me by a potential client after I had visited to quote for a crown reduction on a large mature beech tree as it has been appearing since 2014 about 1m from the stem and fronds was last about 1m collectively across. It is definitely annual and appears around September tine on the prevailing wind side, down slope from the stem and if roots failed on this side, the tree will crash onto their bungalow. I think it’s meripulus giganteum and if it’s been fruiting 5 years already, I am concerned about leaving the tree until Autumn to see the fruiting body in the flesh, which is what the client is suggesting. I wondered if my ID from the photo is accurate and if I am overreacting on timescales?
  7. Anyone know how to get the pulley off marked as 3 in the diagram (we’ve undone the central bolt and undone the two bolts holding the bushing in place but can’t seem to get it loose). Also need to take the pulley marked electro magnetic coupling off too somehow but not tried yet. All this to change the belts. I can’t believe they’ve designed it to be this difficult or am I missing something (we undid the adjuster and you’d think that would be enough but the design is such that the belts can’t be removed with any of the other 3 pulleys in place and we have only managed to remove one pulley so far (top left in the picture) as that is a simple bolt to remove!). Any advice greatly received. Needed this for tomorrow and thought it would be an hours job [emoji45]
  8. It is being removed. It leans over an area where village fetes are held. Owner made the decision to remove it, I wasn’t involved in the decision making process.
  9. Unfortunately not but I will when I’m next there
  10. Can anyone help me ID these brackets please? Thanks in advance


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