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  1. matthew65

    Haulage Required

    It is all cord with easy access.
  2. matthew65

    Haulage Required

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a haulier, I need two artic loads of wood collecting from Northampton and delivering to Newark. Many thanks Matthew
  3. matthew65

    Jappa 700

    I started my business with a Jappa 700 and had no issues with it. Easy to use and a great introduction to firewood processing . I used the machine for about 7 years and when the business grew I upgraded to Posch 350 .
  4. matthew65

    Cordwood for sale- Lincolnshire

    I spoke to them when the post went up and they decided to sell it elsewhere . I don't think its available. Hope that helps
  5. I am looking for a supplier who can supply me with hardwood net's next year, I am based in Nottinghamshire. Many thanks Matthew
  6. matthew65

    Cheapest place to buy bulk bags

    MCA are a great company and I would highly recommend them.
  7. I am based in Farndon in Newark


    1. matthew65


      I was after the ash, my phone number is 07973211755.

  8. matthew65

    Cordwood for sale- Lincolnshire

    Hi Jon , Just sent you a message. Thanks matthew
  9. matthew65

    Logs on offer in Nottingham

    I am in Newark and would take the wood to sell for logs- 07973 211755
  10. matthew65

    Hardwood Wanted for processing

    Hi, I am after hardwood to process for next season around 200 tons in total, I am based in Newark in Nottinghamshire. Easy access into yard for delivery. Thanks Matthew - 07973 211755
  11. I know that this post seems to appear most years. Due to a bad year last year I was unable to buy enough stock, I was hoping I would have enough dry wood left. Unfortunately I am one load short - approximately 25 tons. I was wondering if any one has any unprocessed dry wood for sale. I am happy to pay by the load . I am based in Newark in Nottinghamshire. Many thanks Matthew - 07973 211755
  12. matthew65

    Small firewood bags wanted

    MCA Kingstone for me, if you order enough and you can your contact details printed on the nets label.
  13. matthew65

    Any wood for sale ??

    Sorry for the delay , is it a mixture of hard and soft wood ? Ideally I was after hardwood . Thanks Matthew
  14. matthew65

    Any wood for sale ??

    Does any one have any hard wood for sale ?. I am based in Nottinghamshire . Many thanks Matthew 07973 211755
  15. matthew65

    2 x Builders Bags - Required Victoria Park London

    Thank you for the reply's I have passed your details on. Matthew


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