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  1. I’m looking for help to complete FGS applications please. I’m between Pitlochry and Dalwhinnie. If anyone out there is geared up for this please get in touch. Many thanks Brett Treemen@live.com
  2. I’m looking for softwood waney edge cladding, western red or larch pref but anything considered. If anyone can help please. I’m located between Pitlochry and Dalwhinnie. I can collect within 100 miles or so. Many thanks Brett
  3. If you're using your mobile, try switching off and on again. had a similar problem a few weeks ago.
  4. Or did it? It may just be falling down very slowly!
  5. Didn't know this about the Rhino teeth, is it a straight swap or do the keeper blocks need changing too? Many thanks
  6. I've a 357 and a 346. Both have had issues with the sop button not working. Firstly they became temperamental now have stopped altogether. I've checked the wire and spade connector to the switch and all seems to be were it should be. Any ideas? Many thanks Brett
  7. I'm looking for the above on a self employed basis, part time or possibly full time for the next few weeks. Climber preferred. Please PM if you're interested. Many thanks Brett
  8. Thanks guys! It's over 60 days already! So I better press on!
  9. Looking for some advise please. What is the legal minimum period before a claim for an unpaid invoice can be made against a business? Many thanks
  10. I'm trying to contact the above, they seem to have disappeared, has anyone worked for this company? Many thanks
  11. Birch Elm Cherry Holm Oak or maybe non prickly holly. Not best photo


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