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  1. not pedantic of you, point noted.... Would assist be more suited than the word ensure? i reread that post of mine many times before pressing send. Trying to 'ensure' that nothing got hauled over the coals. How naive i was. Haha I can not remember the cases where misc prov act was used on trees as such, but think theres been few in past where structires have posed risk to public safety, and the act was used, although this may have been to land in public/ local authority ownership as opposed to private ownership as is the case here...and remember having discussions about it when studying so mentioned.
  2. i believe that its the miscellaneous provisions act that the local authority would use to ensure that owners of trees that are deemed dangerous get them removed at their cost. I think the owner of the tree has duty of care under occupiers liability act to ensure visitors to and around their property are kept safe from injury or death. (not exact wording) id say that depending on the condition of the tree, this would affect how soon the owner gets it down. if failure is imminent then they would be prudent to remove asap. in such circumstances, i find its often good to consider the mindset associated with TPO legislation pertaining to five day notices for tree removal. is the tree rocking in its rootplate, or completely dead, is the main fork where the fungal brackets are- flexing under breezy weather, would you climb it or insist on a crane because its failure is so imminent. The actual time by which a tree can still stand after being condemned in a report can be considerably long. its likely,(particulars depending) that your client has three choices, pay themselves for piece of mind, initiate proceedings under the miscellaneous provisions act, or leave it with the owner. The latter one being mindful in theknowledge that should anything happen then the tree owner will be in an indefensible position. i.e they were informed by a competent tree inspector,(whos competency will be questioned in court) of the need to make safe/remove, however failed to act accordingly. without a copy of the report, pictures of the tree, history of theconversation held its always difficult to comment in such instances. i find, that as a third party, and conversing with professional knowledge, face to face, with owners of trees in such circumstances, often educates them enough for them to realise the severity of the situation and act with prudence. never a nice one to get involved with, especially without consultancy case management fees being applied. good luck.
  3. there is a little nodule thing inside the no stress box, grey in colour maybe? Inside that you can alter the amount of revs it kicks in at, as the revs drop low this kicks in, I have mine set higher than normal so it doesn't labour the engine to much, hearing the engine revs drop low as it kicks makes me wince, prefer it to kick in higher. Each to their own like.
  4. I have an Entec 30dh, 1995 diesel chipper. Looking for a replacement, new or used, but in good condition ,flywheel. if anybody knows of a old machine breaking,or asupplier that may have this obsolete part in stock, please let me know. contact Jaime on 07970382301. many thanks in advance.
  5. A true gentleman. Salt of the earth. Thought go out to his family.
  6. Quote valid for three months. If ever asked why three months, I simply reply that this often allows for change of seasonal characteristics and/or weather and site conditions.
  7. Have you had a look under help for arborists on arboricultural association website. There's a template in there you can utilise.
  8. jaime bray


    I've just bought for my daughter a Lenovo, cost£99.99 from amazon. It's not the most powerful processor but for emails and web searching it's not to bad. I'm on WiFi in house, not sure how it would work on 3g. Bit worth a look, small memory, but adequate save to cloud included in box.
  9. My experience of claiming on insurance, when you have protected no claims bonus etc, is that whilst you still retain the same percentage discount built up over x amount of years, the renewal fee will be higher. You will have the discount on a higher premium/renewal cost, it's the discount that's protected not your claim history. Make a claim and your premiums will go up.
  10. I had this exact problem on my entec 1995 diesel. Unfortunately, it did turn out to be the spline inside rollers. Need machining again. Whilst mine were out I had the roller blades resharpened. This has made a significant difference in machine performance. Well worth doing in my opinion.
  11. One thing that I find when in such situations is that if I do not strip the tree on the way up, and work top down, the energy transfer/stem movement when removing the top is not as bad. Also, find the presence of branch/twig around lessens the twitchy feeling in the pants. Whilst it may be deemed problematic to lower with such branching around you, I find this outweighs the encroaching fear and the problems that fear/nerves going, can lead to whilst carrying out tree work. As others have said, get the groundsman to let the lowering ropes run and gradually ease up the nearer the floor gets with each branch. A good groundsman on such jobs is worth weight in gold. Just my experience of such things.
  12. Does the goggle part push up into the helmet on this do you know? So it can be up or down whilst working?
  13. jaime bray

    Pole Chainsaw

    I was asked to demo the Makita pole saw. It is superb. I struggle after two years to cause damage to it. Honestly and genuinely worth a look. Vibrations are low in my opinion. Fuel economy is great. Can not fault it in any capacity weight wise and reliability. Not to be sniffed at, love it.
  14. Cheers for the info. Trucks looked tidy. Was tempted to swap my 1996 Brava in for one. Well saved. Thanks
  15. Website called bm range seem to have some cracking motors under your price range


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