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  1. Hi there, I've been given a load of wood and wondered if any of you experts out there may be able to tell me what kind of wood and whether it's ok to burn, it seems quite heavy?
  2. Thank you, You've got me sold on the rodeo, seems bullet proof. Some sound advice and I really appreciate it.
  3. Hi all Can anyone recommend a pick up with good pedigree. First truck and don't wanna get new but looking around £5k I'd be grateful for any other advice to help me know what characteristics I'm looking for in a good truck (engine size, single or twin, off road effectiveness etc) Thanks in advance Steve
  4. Thanks chaps. Oh by the way, it was already cut down by a novice!! No blame to me thanks haha
  5. Any of you clever chaps have any idea what this wood is? Kindest regards.
  6. Thanks for your response mate. Can you tell me how you recognise it as Ash, what are the identification features?
  7. Thanks for your responses. Can you tell me how you recognise it as Ash, what are the identification features?
  8. I was given a load of long lengths of this stuff, and split it for home use, but would really like to know what sort of wood it is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Guys Thanks for all your advice I was recommended the STIHL MS261C-M Will this be a good all rounder offering good balance and weight for prolonged use and enough power for the larger trees?
  10. Codlasher Super info. Many thanks for your time and advice, I have never heard of these? Appreciated
  11. Hi all, I am working towards my tree surgery qualifications, currently CS32. I want to mainly fell and process as a back up to my main career. May move up to climbing but for now I am looking for a decent chainsaw that will suit my needs. I obviously would want gas powered but the market is vast😩 I hear you can't go wrong with a Husky or a Stihl, so happy to go that route. Question is guys... Which one? I'd like to think a price range of £300 ish would be for me, although happy to push it for the good kit. What are the key characteristics to look for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  12. Hi all, I intend on removing this tree from my garden to make room for a shed. Are there any experts who can offer any advice on this tree?
  13. Hi guys, Ant experts able to offer their opinion?
  14. Got some close ups guys - I thought it was Ash but not so sure now with some of your thoughts?


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