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  1. All done without any swearing and much more quickly following your advice, Dan. Many thanks
  2. Thanks. That’s really helpful. There’s been plenty of swearing and head scratching already. Mostly the trouble is seeing what’s going on under chassis. Did you loosen the drop arms from below? I’ve borrowed some axle stands to try and jack the machine up higher so I can access things more easily
  3. Anyone know how to change belt on m500 between engine and self propelled drive mechanism. The old one has come off ok. But I can’t get the new one between the 2x vertical pulley wheels that introduce a 90 degree bend in the belt and the side of the chassis. If this makes sense to anyone who knows this machine, can I move the position of those pulleys to introduce slack? I’m familiar with how the 3x belts work between engine and drum with knives. It’s just the 1x belt under the engine to the drive mechanism that I can’t work out. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your replies. Appreciate you sharing your experiences
  5. Time to change my truck. Isuzu Grafter is my preferred choice. Compact footprint, good payload, towing capacity, turning circle main reasons. 3.5t tipper with chip box. My question is single rear wheel versus double rear wheel. Single wheel makes for more compact truck which appeals for tight access work. It’s also a bit cheaper to buy new. Presumably slightly cheaper running costs. Anyone with experience of single rear wheel Grafter as a tree truck? How does it drive with full load? Also, towing full 2-3t trailer? What’s traction like on mixed surfaces? I live up a steep 10-15% track with crushed stone surface. Have plenty of customers and tip sites with off road access too. Any advice re single versus twin wheel much appreciated before I make large investment. Thanks
  6. I found the PGL holiday camp, Marchants Hill I think it’s called, on Tilford Road, Beacon Hill, were glad of chip. In case anyone else wants a tip site in the area. Thanks
  7. Anyone know a chip site in or near Hindhead, Surrey? Tip site directory doesn’t have anything particularly close. Thanks
  8. Thanks very much for your replies. Very helpful. Do you mean you find slick pin tricky to open? I’ve seen on a video some solutions for a keeper string to stop the pin being dropped.
  9. Anyone tried the Hitch Hiker X? From YouTube reviews, seems interesting product. And if anyone has one in UK, where did you get it from? Seems like only available through Climbing Innovations webshop in the US, and I have no experience of what additional costs would be for import duty, tax, etc. Thanks
  10. Leyland I think, but I didn’t do the tree work so can’t be sure
  11. It’s in Stratton, just north of Dorchester.
  12. 5-10t of Cypress tree work waste timber, 6-24” diameter, 1’-5’ lengths. Roadside. Felled in November. Looking for someone to collect. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks
  13. Help needed for job in Bath, Thu and Fri this week, 2 and 3 May. Groundsman or climber with rigging experience required for either 1 or both days. Please message me if you’re interested for more details. Many thanks


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