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  1. I too have had a number of bad experiences with NA customer experience. I use Treekit, FR Jones or HB now and will continue to do so. They’re all excellent
  2. Thanks for that. Very interesting. How would you compare cutting performance with the 2511?
  3. Here’s my real world weight comparison of my battery and petrol top handle saws. Husky T535i, 10” bar, BLI200 battery, full tank of chain oil. 4.3kg versus Stihl 201TCM, 14”, fuel and oil. 4.9kg versus Echo 2511TES, 10”, fuel and oil. 3.1kg I’ve handled the t540i in the showroom and weight and size feel just like my t535i. No experience of new battery Echo.
  4. Thank you. I’m convinced that you’re right. My silly spelling mistake. And the fact that Phellodendron wasn’t in my Collins British Tree book. Not comprehensive enough reference book in this case. I found these images of bark and cut wood on Google which are a very good match.
  5. You’re right. I can’t seem them either. On this photo you can see remnants of flower heads, but they’re not in a string. The leaves are like very large Ash as you describe though.
  6. That’s a good shout. Just been reading about them. The habit and speed of growth is right. This is about 40 years old. Must be 50’+ in both height and spread. 2’+ dbh of each stem. Large enough to support a primitive multi level tree house. It reminded me of Walnut. Do any Wingnut species have a yellow cut face of younger layers of wood? On larger cuts, the yellow was just the outside layers. But quite vivid yellow sawdust was produced
  7. Thank you everyone. The owners call the tree a Philodendron. But that’s not a tree, is it? The garden is full of unusual ornamental trees more typically found in grand estates. Tulip, Foxglove, Black Walnut, Paper Mulberry, Indian Bean, Cedar of Lebanon. Planting inspired (or pinched!) by the collections at nearby Abbotsbury Tropical Gardens tree collection and Kew.
  8. Any ideas? Dorset coast, 50’, spreading form, fast growing, light weight. Yellow wood when cut, but only first 1-2” under bark, light brown heartwood. See pics more info. Any help much appreciated.
  9. All done without any swearing and much more quickly following your advice, Dan. Many thanks
  10. Thanks. That’s really helpful. There’s been plenty of swearing and head scratching already. Mostly the trouble is seeing what’s going on under chassis. Did you loosen the drop arms from below? I’ve borrowed some axle stands to try and jack the machine up higher so I can access things more easily
  11. Anyone know how to change belt on m500 between engine and self propelled drive mechanism. The old one has come off ok. But I can’t get the new one between the 2x vertical pulley wheels that introduce a 90 degree bend in the belt and the side of the chassis. If this makes sense to anyone who knows this machine, can I move the position of those pulleys to introduce slack? I’m familiar with how the 3x belts work between engine and drum with knives. It’s just the 1x belt under the engine to the drive mechanism that I can’t work out. Thanks
  12. Thanks for your replies. Appreciate you sharing your experiences


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