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  1. Anyone tried the Hitch Hiker X? From YouTube reviews, seems interesting product. And if anyone has one in UK, where did you get it from? Seems like only available through Climbing Innovations webshop in the US, and I have no experience of what additional costs would be for import duty, tax, etc. Thanks
  2. Leyland I think, but I didn’t do the tree work so can’t be sure
  3. It’s in Stratton, just north of Dorchester.
  4. 5-10t of Cypress tree work waste timber, 6-24” diameter, 1’-5’ lengths. Roadside. Felled in November. Looking for someone to collect. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks
  5. Help needed for job in Bath, Thu and Fri this week, 2 and 3 May. Groundsman or climber with rigging experience required for either 1 or both days. Please message me if you’re interested for more details. Many thanks
  6. I’m about to fit a Sena 10r handsfree to my Protos helmet. Any fitting advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks very much for that. Very useful. They’re brand new, never used blades. But no idea if anvil gap is correct. Any advice on checking the gap? Thanks
  8. I’m interested in buying a Jo Beau 500 wee chipper. Previously had a CS100 which I was happy with until it was stolen. Got a M500 on hire at moment, but it is a 2005 machine and not performing as I expected it to. Very unimpressed with chipping performance, finding the chute frequently blocking, and a feeble chip throw meaning no good chipping into a vehicle. Performance of this old hire machine is definitely not as good as my old CS100 which happily chipped from trailer over tailboard to front of my 9’ long chip box. I mostly left chip on site, but from time to time I could use the cs100 as a wee road tow chipper. Do any of you use a M500 chipper to chip into a truck? I know there are options available to extend length of chute which should increase throw. Anyone who can share their experience of using this chipper, how it performs, how you have used it when removing chip? Many thanks
  9. Anyone have a Jo Beau M500 available for hire? I’m in Dorset and interested in long-term hire. Many thanks
  10. I may be able to help. Regularly work in Leeds area. Where is she?
  11. Anyone using the drenaline rope yet? If so, what do you think? Thanks
  12. I have a customer wanting me to work on their mature yew hedges, reducing height by 1/3 and reducing one side by approx 1/3. Having read on RHS and one or 2 other sites about best time of year to do this I'm left confused. Should I be reducing yew hedge in mid-winter, early spring or late spring (all answers I've read on the web)? Obviously, keen to do this before nesting birds are a problem. Don't want to mess up customers hedges either. Any advice very welcome
  13. <p>Many thanks for your suggestions. I'll give them both a call</p>


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