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  1. Ive used Rotatech chains for a while now with no issues but just bought new chains for ms 440 & ms 660. 25 inch 84 Drive links & 36 inch 114 drive links. We just can't get them on the bar. Spoke to rotatech and they said they ve had no issues before. Anyone else have this problem on big chains?
  2. aspen

    YOUR Election Manifesto.....?

    Scrap Trident
  3. aspen

    Advice on possible new truck

    Buy a tipper mate, no question. you might chip into bags but what about logs, you don't always want to hand ball them off. What if you buy a bigger chipper you can chip straight onto the truck and tip.
  4. aspen

    Anyone use a "safety razor"?

    I agree with all of this especially the fact that double edge blades are so much cheaper than cartridges. I just bought 100 Gillette blades for £9 delivered off ebay. I can probably get about 4 shaves out of one blade. A good starter razor would be the Edwin Jagger DE89
  5. aspen

    First straight razor shave.

    Hey mate, I use the double edge razor blades not the same I know but still super sharp & cheap. Blades work out about 15p each, better than any cartridge on the market imo.
  6. aspen

    Walkie Takie Headets

    This seems like a great price compared to the sena headsets which are about £250 for a pair.
  7. aspen

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    How do you clean yours Paul?
  8. aspen

    Isuzu or Cabstar????

    I got a new 15 plate cabstar this year after having the old model. Huge improvement in the cab space, new gadgets including Bluetooth, electric windows etc. Was also one of the cheapest vans & I looked at everything. Great workhorse too. I'd have preferred the canter but there with the vat on it there was about 9k of a difference.
  9. aspen

    Waterproof jacket

    Interested also
  10. aspen

    Rainwater Harvesting

    I was reading something the other day about how its illegal to harvest rainwater in some states of america. The worlds going crazy.
  11. aspen

    When the customer does not pay

    I think you decrease your chances of getting paid if you start dumping chips etc at someones door or site. Very tempting tho.
  12. aspen

    Kanga mini loaders

    What about the sherpa mini loaders? Doesn't look as good as the Vermeer or the boxer but looks better than the kanga. Anyone tried them out?
  13. aspen

    Giants usa

    Hire a car and goto Avenue of the Giants its about 4 hours north of San Fran. Awesome place.
  14. aspen

    Tracked crane dismantles

    Nice vid. Ive never seen one of those cranes before how much was the day rate mate?


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