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  1. Im flat out well for me any how selling about 12 to 14 cube a week at the mo,its all been word of mouth as well,so i cant complain.
  2. Why?i dont get it,no good will come of it mark my words,im only jealous.
  3. I think the thing were missing most is they were French,to much Va va voom me thinks good vid though,i hope theres a next time,seeing a bunch of foreighners,doing a job wrong is far more entertaining than watching someone do it properly,i bet there were some dirty shorts amongst that crew.
  4. Just watched it on you tube very sad he was just what the sport needed,God speed Marco.
  5. 660 every time great balance and weight,some good deals about too.
  6. I know someone who paid into the school thing and never got a penny from it,most of the schools in my area have become acadamys and they choose who they want to do their work,if you want to do school work go straight to them and they will put you on a list of contractors,it appears that schools are fed up being ripped off by local council contractors.
  7. I dont know about the warrenty,i just say it as i see it,hope there new topper is better.
  8. Toon for my sins relegation battle starts shortly after the first whistle of the season has blown but there my team.
  9. Do they still make em,be handy in the woods.
  10. That would be a bugger to put a gob in with,looked allright though,quite clever.
  11. I.d flog the timber first then youve got some money back atleast,then i would get old of as much crapp as possible and dump it on there door step,end of and count my losses they aint goin to pay,sad but true.
  12. I now have a pair of Meindels,the black ones about 140 pounds to buy 3 months old no signs of wear yet comfy straight out of the box,cant rate them enough.


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