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    <p>Hi was wondering if you were still looking for someone in glasgow? I am an experienced climber with cs 30-31, cs 38-39 chipper ticket and first aid at work ticket.</p>

    <p> I have recently been working on a climbing job thining large hardwood trees on an estate. This work is up north and i am looking for something closer to home. regards graham</p>


  2. Physio or Chiropractor???

    Sports massage are best. from my experience injuries come from a weak lower back more than anything. doing deadlifts maybe twice a week will help greatly along with strengthen the obliques muscles and core.
  3. Charala Videos

    Good find.
  4. lantra vs nptc

    I spoke to lantra recently and they now offer assessments.
  5. Downloaded both apps couple months back. Both have already came in handy on several occassions so far. well worth the purchase.
  6. willow pollard??

    the bark tears easily and can pull you down the stem if you don't put your ears in it when felling out tops. Light wood for holding pieces, If it a re-pollard inspect the attachment points fro the new to old growth before tying in.
  7. Replacing Old Cable Bracing

    That tree/ trees is ready for epic failure. Is cable and bracing a good long term solution? I think that that tree will fail no matter what and cable and bracing might be wasted funds. Fell and re-plant is what i would recommend as this tree does not have much of a future.
  8. Looking for work Scotland

    PM'd you Micheal.
  9. special week for me

    Sounds like a good week...mine was the opposite. Had a well priced job that would take me 2 days to start of the week..completed job but lost van keys and immobiliser on site. got home at 8pm on second day after leaving van on job and arranging chipper etc to get taken home. Had to pay for someone to come out and sort out truck. Day after that i lost my new iphone 4s with clients addresses on it..which meant i was unable to to call clients to re-arrnage jobs for week..2 clients were not happy and said they will get someone else as they has waiting in for me...then today i got a letter for jury duty. great!!
  10. Same here. Got an iphone about 3 months ago and i can now do emails at lunch time and deal with job requests / book in appointments in the day time rather than waiting until i get home.
  11. NEW - Stein PHANTOM Chainsaw Boots now released

    worst boot i have ever owned. like walking with high cuff clogs on. no flexon at all in them...which is good for spiking but bad for ground work.
  12. Pfanner Protos helmet.

    arb fashion. getting a bit ridicilous now.
  13. Caught on camera

    Reasons why you don't use it on the ground. 1/ It is designed for up the tree and not ergonimical design for the ground. 2/ If an accident does happen then how will your insurance company look at it?? 3/ Climbing saws are expensive and generally a small ground saw won't cost as much. use a 026 on the ground not a pricey tophandle
  14. man with van and chipper required for 40mins = £100

    £100 Any takers?
  15. How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    not in to running much myself..but my younger brother ran from Glasgow to Edinburgh for sick kids last month - 65miles vai the canal route in 1 day or 2.5 marathons!! What a machine.


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