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  1. Yes your right it pinched the saw as it was going over lucky enough it let go as it went
  2. Cheers guys I think from memory it was 3 days but we had to reduce some limbs on another pine next to it and we lose 2-3 hours a day traveling to and from this site I was far from loving it up the tree as I’d just come back to work and still had the lovely norovirus and was more interested in not letting fluids get out of anywhere shall we say haha
  3. yer it wasn't the tallest but spread wise I've never seen a pine like it amazing how it never went over it had started creeping over and over but still stood there glad its done and dusted thats for sure.
  4. i haven't done many videos in recent times but i had to film this tree coming down as it was just massive we had to rig to avoid the trees below the timber they wanted in big lengths to pick up with the estate tractor and timber trailer. The stem was left as a 12 meter pole which is going to become part of a tree house apparently.
  5. Rarely come on here anymore but I thought I'd share a few pics that I've got on my phone.
  6. I rig 70/80% of the time but we can turn up with a team of 5 guys to get stuff done it does slow stuff up if there is only one groundy, it all depends on the situation if theres nothing under the tree i wont rig it but 99% of trees we do have something under them we have to avoid. And cutting and chucking to me has more risk of damage as your cutting and holding and throwing say 10 branches instead of lowering one whole branch and is using more energy from the climber as they have to do more climbing and more work in general.
  7. last week i spent 4 days rigging out 3 mature beech which were very decayed some with merip some with gano among other. Then the friday had to pull over a big ash with the estates tractor into a field and cut it up. Then monday had to rig out this big spread out pine.
  8. We got a 16ton pto pump splitter on a 3 point linkage all galvanised with 2 side tables on it from Ireland at a reasonable price we are happy with it. Some of the ones from the big name uk suppliers are crazy prices!
  9. Im not proud of most of my videos im not a video editor i put it together and post it i havent got time to spend hours and hours getting it all slick and smooth credit to the guys that do put that level of effort in. As ive mentioned we only had to miss the hedge and main drive. The grass is all being dug up so dings in the lawn doesnt matter. As far as one handing yes i one hand a saw not all the time but majority of the time, i dont promote thats how to do it its a bad habit but thats how i do it. It worked out quicker and easier to crash them out first thing in the morning to a pole then go down and clear it up as a team before the winds picked up to a unworkable level up top.
  10. There was no decay in them, just remodeling the whole garden. I should think there was 6 back then i saw there was a old stump.
  11. Yer we worked at the care home in the grounds once but to be honest they dont want to pay proper money for a job on sandringham were not that fussed about.
  12. I only clipped in my main line on that first one to send my saw down to get fueled up, least i used a steel core for once haha. Yer they use us and 2 others not surprising really as its a mental sized estate.
  13. We couldnt fell any of them, they were all badly back weighted and had side leans they were bad enough stripped to poles to fell. had to have abit of thought into where we winched from and also putting a line from the grcs to overcome the side weight and lean. we couldnt touch the main gravel drive hence the lowering the end ones heavy lower limbs over it,couldnt touch the hedge and the other trees also, even if you could winch it over as whole trees you would wipe one of them out. Plus the 50mph winds heading for the house its not a option really.
  14. I wont drill the exhaust ill just use my trusty 540xpt instead give the 201 to one of the lads to use they love stihl so...


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