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  1. Well after been off this week from tuesday i am told by the HR company i employ and the accountant that if i can work then i must. If i can work this makes myself and my guys not eligible for the Coronavirus job retention payments ( we are all employees). But non of them know for sure as the gov advice is vague. If we were in Ireland then i would know for sure as its non essential work. So back to work from tomorrow. If anyone knows otherwise please enlighten me!
  2. i closed down last night. I know that we have very minimal contact (3 of us and our families are in lockdown already) and customers dont even need to leave the house for us to crack on. If you think about it even things like fuelling up , touching the fuel pump, paying at the kiosk etc its a risk of infection and therefore spreading it. Not worth it. So holiday at home and doing all the stuff ive been putting off for the last 10 years!
  3. Hi There Anyone local to Bracknell, Berks that is free in the next month to do a couple of climbing kits? Cheers
  4. Cheers for the replys! As said nothing to lose but thought id ask first. I will give it a tickle hopefully this weekend and see how it goes. Cheers guys
  5. My guys put a new chain on a 201 top handle, groundie did up up to tight. The climber used it for a couple of days before i realised and loosened it a bit but it feels dull. Nothing has been hit and it all looks good but just doesnt cut like it should. Is it possible it got too hot which has affected the actual chain ( ie heated up and cooled too rapidly)? Or can anyone else think of why it now feels dull. I havent sharpened it yet as it looks factory sharp still and ive never been able to improve on a brand new chain. Its a Stihl chain. Cheers
  6. had one just the otherday. cut off literally 5 1 inch thick little branches that overhung a fence by about 2ft. over a section of communal land for one of the home owners. Woman come out saying i ruined her privacy. Wasnt interested in speaking to her neighbour, or listening to anything other than her own voice. Best part of it was these branches were BEHIND her garage! no way on earth she could see them! the guys and i were all a little speechless tbh that she would make a fuss about something she cant actually see! but ive found the crazies are great in number and of all colours and creeds!
  7. jose

    arb logs chipped

    Hi Guys Thats the guy i spoke to! Kingwell. I will have a word with him and see what he has to say. Part of the timber is older and tbh probaly not worth anything as its be say out for some years. But who knows what route he will take. I am just trying to help put him in touch with a viable contact. I know the other firm, tbh not looking to put another tree crew in there or else i may lose the work myself! But thank you for the advise. cheers
  8. Hi All I have a customer that is after loads of arb logs chipped up. Its a mixture of old and new logs that need sorting. Hes a little vague on the exact amounts but he says 2-3 days of chipping/ grinding it all up. He wants to keep all the chip as it will be used on footpaths. It would need a loader or digger to load onto the machine due to quantity and or amount. Its based in Reading, Berkshire. I did chat to someone from here once before who had a whole tree chipper but was many years ago now and im afraid i lost your number. If you want to pm me i can pass it along ( He is not into publicity !). After a rough price to give to him. Many thanks
  9. jose

    Eye protection

    i wear safe eyes under my helmet. Not sure if you could fit glasses under them but they are brilliant if theres fine dust flying about! Otherwise these and wear contact lenses perhaps?
  10. No joy. I tied it all but to no joy. I think what happened was the plastic sleeve had broken off from the 2 indent holes that hold it in place and had gone down and wedged in , jamming it solid. solution? hacksaw! it was coming out one way or another. It’s now about 60 mm shorter but at least I can extend or shorten. cheers
  11. Hi all The guys were using this the other day , had it out the maximum length and now it wont go back in. Its rock solid! cant turn it or go in or out. i loosened the bolts that are by the orange release lever that is used normally to move it in or out but nothing. I am afraid to do anything to brutal as its all soft aluminium and plastic. Has anyone experienced this and has a solution? Sprayed lube in it but not made a tiny bit of difference. Many thanks
  12. jose

    Arb truck hire

    hire van and some ply sheets. 20 minutes and you good to go to get u out the S''t for the week. or sub in someone with a van perhaps?
  13. oh and when ur employee runs over your polesaw u can swap a load of parts over which was very handy
  14. ive found the heads where the motor sits pushes out a bit, then its grinds the drive shaft teeth. Had one just stop for no apparent reason. Small plastic stopper inside the shaft broke so u can over extend ( they 2 parts come apart and u can see the electric cable inside). This would be a easy quick fix but didnt bother me so never bothered to fix. They seem to be permanently dry ( in terms of grease). U cant over grease as it overloads the battery and it wont let u work. So little and often but every single one ive had develops a horrible dry screech ( quick spray of lube sorted) but still not a nice sound. Makes it sound bad but by and large actually small things. Ive had 4 now and for me in terms of actually using them they r the best hedge cutter ive used. You still want a short one to compliment your set up but the extension means u can do so much more ( height wise) over a fixed standard length one. No pull start is lovely They are quiet too ( thought the short one isnt so nice as its much closer) No fumes. And u can share the battery with other tools ( ie lawn mower etc). If ur bruting ur way through thick brambles etc then no this isnt the tool. If however ur facing a tight conifer hedge, this especially when sharp is the dogs!
  15. Love them. That said not as tough as the petrol ones ive found. I use daily and they are not given any slack so to speak. If i get 2 yrs out of one im ok with that. The petrol ones have more grunt and seem to last longer. But id chose electric all day long. ( but not electric saws , they are not there yet). Pole saw is awesome too by the way.
  16. does it work well for taking note say when quoting a job? i am old school in that i use a paper note book still ( obviously write it up on the pc back at the office) but my current phone is giving up the ghost so time to move on. I see the new samsung galaxy note 10 plus has a stylus and i guess it can convert or send to a email or pc. or is it not good enough yet? cheers
  17. Damn right, 50k gets a lot of toys have you seen the price of all the new pickup trucks now. They are all getting up there money wise. £35-40 k seems to be a regular thing. Yank trucks can be had for similar money ( nearly new 2017 or so) but out gun it in every department ( including size unfortunately). But with the yank u can get a 5.7 hemi included in that which is a toy in itself! guess it depends on what you class as a toy
  18. Ive got these. They are on the whole the best hedge cutter ive every used. But not perfect in all ways. Ive got 3 batteries and a quick charger and can keep 2 battery hedge trimmers going all day with 2 cutters. Not having to pull start the engine sounds so simple a thing but not having to do it is bliss. The reach is awesome, especially when up a ladder. As said i dont use mine for thicker stuff, it will go through inch plus but i dont see the point. The down side is the housing that holds the motor in place can break, not worked out a fix yet. I am on my 3rd one in 3 years ( first 2 lasted about 2 or so yrs before getting problems) and thats working every day ( not always treated right either if im not keeping an eye on the boys). I find the short one loud enough that i wear ear protection but the 85 is so quite i can chat or play music. Batteries are still going strong which is good. Also have the saw, polesaw ( again awesome kit) and a lawn mower so it makes it versatile. Electric isnt the way to go for the bigger machines or for rough grunt work but its coming on fast and i cant wait for it tbh.
  19. am i the only one that doesnt understand what hes saying here?
  20. jose

    US pickup as LGV?

    doesnt help but i saw a us video or a ram towing a massive trailer with about 4 or 5 cars on it, never allowed here but over there seems to be fine. It was a dually one ( double rear axle). so got all the grunt thats for sure
  21. Not sure this is the right place but had trouble today with my 230, started squeaky badly on idle.

    Turns out the drive belt pulley had moved out of alignment, which twisted the belts.

    Gave My local dealer ( lister Wilder Reading) a call, they got me in straight away ( as soon as i could get up there) and had me back to work within the hour.

    Couldnt ask for a better service and willingness to help me out! 

    Many thanks

    Woodchips tree surgery

  22. jose

    FSI B22

    id second that! swapped from a predator 460 to this. half the power almost but still awesom. The predator just didnt move on in terms of development. And build quality the fsi is like a tank compared to the 460.
  23. Hi All My tw230's fan isnt working it would seem as we overheated the coolant today. It happen the other day too when i wasnt on site and the guys did some digging and wiggling of wires and after a while it started again so i thought it was a loose connection Well today was a hot one and it happened and i got to see it happen in person. after letting it cool down it fires back up nicely. I ended up putting the blower on it to give it a constant flow of air for good measure. Is there a fuse that controls the fan? Anyone else had this issue? Did a search but didnt see anything come up. Many thanks
  24. I cant remember the answer so i thought id ask here. Been asked to reduce back from a building to suitable growth points but there is no growth points to use. Will it regenerate new growth or will it be similar to say a scotts pine and end up with a limb that dies off? Many thanks


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