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  1. does it work well for taking note say when quoting a job? i am old school in that i use a paper note book still ( obviously write it up on the pc back at the office) but my current phone is giving up the ghost so time to move on. I see the new samsung galaxy note 10 plus has a stylus and i guess it can convert or send to a email or pc. or is it not good enough yet? cheers
  2. Damn right, 50k gets a lot of toys have you seen the price of all the new pickup trucks now. They are all getting up there money wise. £35-40 k seems to be a regular thing. Yank trucks can be had for similar money ( nearly new 2017 or so) but out gun it in every department ( including size unfortunately). But with the yank u can get a 5.7 hemi included in that which is a toy in itself! guess it depends on what you class as a toy
  3. Ive got these. They are on the whole the best hedge cutter ive every used. But not perfect in all ways. Ive got 3 batteries and a quick charger and can keep 2 battery hedge trimmers going all day with 2 cutters. Not having to pull start the engine sounds so simple a thing but not having to do it is bliss. The reach is awesome, especially when up a ladder. As said i dont use mine for thicker stuff, it will go through inch plus but i dont see the point. The down side is the housing that holds the motor in place can break, not worked out a fix yet. I am on my 3rd one in 3 years ( first 2 lasted about 2 or so yrs before getting problems) and thats working every day ( not always treated right either if im not keeping an eye on the boys). I find the short one loud enough that i wear ear protection but the 85 is so quite i can chat or play music. Batteries are still going strong which is good. Also have the saw, polesaw ( again awesome kit) and a lawn mower so it makes it versatile. Electric isnt the way to go for the bigger machines or for rough grunt work but its coming on fast and i cant wait for it tbh.
  4. am i the only one that doesnt understand what hes saying here?
  5. jose

    US pickup as LGV?

    doesnt help but i saw a us video or a ram towing a massive trailer with about 4 or 5 cars on it, never allowed here but over there seems to be fine. It was a dually one ( double rear axle). so got all the grunt thats for sure
  6. Not sure this is the right place but had trouble today with my 230, started squeaky badly on idle.

    Turns out the drive belt pulley had moved out of alignment, which twisted the belts.

    Gave My local dealer ( lister Wilder Reading) a call, they got me in straight away ( as soon as i could get up there) and had me back to work within the hour.

    Couldnt ask for a better service and willingness to help me out! 

    Many thanks

    Woodchips tree surgery

  7. jose

    FSI B22

    id second that! swapped from a predator 460 to this. half the power almost but still awesom. The predator just didnt move on in terms of development. And build quality the fsi is like a tank compared to the 460.
  8. Hi All My tw230's fan isnt working it would seem as we overheated the coolant today. It happen the other day too when i wasnt on site and the guys did some digging and wiggling of wires and after a while it started again so i thought it was a loose connection Well today was a hot one and it happened and i got to see it happen in person. after letting it cool down it fires back up nicely. I ended up putting the blower on it to give it a constant flow of air for good measure. Is there a fuse that controls the fan? Anyone else had this issue? Did a search but didnt see anything come up. Many thanks
  9. I cant remember the answer so i thought id ask here. Been asked to reduce back from a building to suitable growth points but there is no growth points to use. Will it regenerate new growth or will it be similar to say a scotts pine and end up with a limb that dies off? Many thanks
  10. ha dont worry didnt read it like that at all! dont get me wrong its last call, got a fsi b22 and one day when i can justify a ZT bandit ( that thing is the bollocks!). but for when i cant get a bigger one to it it comes through.
  11. ive got a little rock grinder 6hp or so. Hard work but can be picked up and turned sideways to go through doors etc. Cracking machine and took a handful of stumps to pay for itself. Not broken down yet and not useda set of teeth up yet. its hard work yes and last resort but if access it tight its their. cost about a grand brand new. that screwfix one looks dodgy as hell though!
  12. jose

    cobra bracing

    Not sure if this is the right location for this Ive been asked to quote for installing Cobra bracing on a scotts pine. It would require 3 limbs to be braced. This is not something i do so i would be looking for someone to sub in to perform this. After a general idea of cost for this. Its in Bracknell, Berkshire. If anyone can give me a cost or point me in the right direction that would be great. Many thanks Jose
  13. naw its still a land rover!
  14. we greased our 230 all the time ( one of the guys is anal and it was almost daily) but still had this. You can buy a shim which is about £20 all in with the postage or did as i did as advised by Aspenarb ( thanks Al!) and cut out a piece of and old oil can. Mine was a blue plastic one, took about 3 minutes and solved the problem instantly! Before we had bungees and ropes to no joy, not solid as rock and cost nothing as had old cans hanging about.
  15. got a fsi b22 thats a cracking little thing. Had a predator 460 but it would shake its self to pieces and dont get me started on the wires that control throttle etc. Really lets down a otherwise capable machine. B22 has a small engine but this doesnt stop it, and its built really solid. the 460 feels like a coke can compared to this.
  16. these things are great. I got a track barrow 350, from Cautrac at the Saltec show years ago. dragged many a chipper about ( its only down side is its so light it doesnt have enough weight pushing down on the tracks) but then again by that time i should probably hire in a tracked machine. Moved a massive beech tree not long back, up a hill and all. never broke a sweat! Kinda wish i could mount a seat lol. Done use it for brash as its not really a long bed but thats what the arb trolley is for i guess. u can take off the bucket and theres a tow hitch underneath , its a 2 minute 2 bolt job. Cant go wrong!
  17. just jumping in here at page 10 as crazy busy but i have safe eyes. These are fantastic, especially for choging timber. just keeps everything out. Doesnt steam up. good for on the blower when its all dusty too. only down side is you look a bit like a fly!
  18. Well I had 5 minutes before the start of the day, had a old oil can kicking about so thought I’d give Al’s fix a go. 5 minutes and I’d roughly cut out a plastic shim. Chit is tighter than a Scots wallet now! Get me out of trouble for the time been. Cheers guys
  19. Hi Wes Yes i do have the washer and no joy. I will order one but i may for fun knock a plastic one up in the morning as i have loads of old oil cans kicking about. Definitely interested in how the chute has been modified though as its a chore taking it off daily if there is a viable solution. Many thanks guys
  20. that looks like the ticket! I will give them a buzz in the morning. Didnt even know it existed so could be the simple anser i need. Thanks HTB.
  21. I will give them a shout tomorrow, not heard of this before so i can see if get one. I will also grab some pics tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas.
  22. Now thats a good idea! I would guess it needs no more than 2-3 mil of thickness. I wonder if this would allow air to escape there though?
  23. mine is 3 yrs old in April. Its a right PITA! I have a local engineering firm i use for various stuff but normally i end up creating a solution for them to implement which always annoys me. i dont do metal work so i want them to come up with solutions of whats achievable. Thought id ask here before going there. Mine was good for the first yr or so but ever since its been bad.
  24. HI all Cant remember asking and cant find a answer. I have a timberwold tw230 chipper and we have to take the chute off daily for storage. As a result the chute never tightens down properly. The bar is tight as it will go but as soon as you chip it bounces due to the vibrations of chippings as turns to the side resulting in ending up spraying outside of the van. Obviously this isnt good especially if there is a car or such near by. Ive tighten it, main dealer also did and it doesnt stay tight for more than a day before it does it again. I dont even great it as that just makes it worse! I use a bungee to control it but this isnt a very good solution and it always ends up broke when the truck is moved and not unclipped. Has anyone else had this issue and how have you resolved this? Im thinking perhaps a section of tubing or such i can fix over the top ( end of the chute) with a hole for a bungee tied to the cross member of the back of the truck ( in front of the roof section). This wont stop it moving completely but perhaps limit it. The other thought i had was to drill some holes through the 2 lips of where the chute attaches to the main body allowing me to insert a slim bolt or such to stop it moving but i am very reluctant to do this approach. In an ideal world i would have the chute attached in a fold down system similar to what green mech did a few yrs back but seeing as its a round chute i dont think this would be possible. SO after and hints or solutions people may have. Many thanks Jose


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