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  1. the 'todays job' thread

    Both the monkey puzzle and the palm are jobs where you hope the customer wants to keep all that lovely wood chip for mulch and log for firewood. Haha.
  2. A/t tyre

    I think I should be ashamed! It's got 80k on the clock and I've changed 3 times I think. [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  3. A/t tyre

    I've just replaced a couple of grabber at2 from oponeo.com It's twice now that I've been able to get hold of at2's after they have stopped doing them - from oponeo. As for the mileage that some people get from their tyres [emoji51] - I must be a really bad driver. Or driving 6-7 times faster! [emoji15] Not that I think that I try to drive that efficiently but... Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  4. Anyone tried the Simhargu harness yet?

    I think I did about 3-4 years on mine before it needed a shuffle on the straps. So a regular movement every now and then will be good. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  5. Anyone tried the Simhargu harness yet?

    Ah. That's no good then. I'm not near or will be for a while. [emoji53] Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  6. Anyone tried the Simhargu harness yet?

    Where are you? UK? North south middle? Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  7. Anyone tried the Simhargu harness yet?

    Exactly that. I think it will probably wear quicker than expected. And it doesn't actually move much. Not enough for it to be of any benefit but enough to wear it out. Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  8. Anyone tried the Simhargu harness yet?

    To be honest, I won't be going back to my treemotion yet! I probably won't for a while and maybe never. I honestly can't see THAT much improvement. But I can see some things that I'm concerned about on a long term basis. I hope I'm wrong but I'm on my second Treemotion in about 4-6 ish years. Could even be quite a bit more. I don't think I can complain about the TM much. It works well. Great design and shape etc. The simhargu is obviously more technically designed but it feels very similar. I could go on and on if anyone is interested but I'll leave it there for now. I do like the harness and I hope it lasts. It feels slightly more comfy but different... Definitely a bit easier to put on! Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  9. Husqvarna 540xp problem

    Do make sure the spark plug is nipped up! I had issues with mine from brand new and only about a year or so later, I realised that the plug hadn't ever been nipped up tight. Seemed ok after that funnily enough Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  10. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    As discussed before, need to get this sorted. We said before to aim for around now ish I think. I can't do arb show though. Might be easier if there were a few up north!! Anyway, let's get a meet up. Beers and chin wag mainly, but a bit of climbing would be good.
  11. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    I've only driven past a couple of times when up your neck o'woods. My biking doesn't include much commuting nowadays. [emoji12]
  12. Photo Competition - Win £100

    It's self chipping too if you back 2 Ro-Ro skip in there to fell into. [emoji4]
  13. Photo Competition - Win £100

  14. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    That would be great if it extended into a glove. I don't think I've ever caught myself anywhere above your skin though. Is it thin enough to go glove under your glove?
  15. Akimbo

    I managed to get my rope replaced pretty quickly with more of the old stuff. Nod sorted that out really well and I just sent it straight back to uk supplier and replaced straight back to me. 👍🏻😀 As for the Akimbo, mines been great and definitely got better as the anodising wore off and it shined up. Sterling Htp is brilliant, Cougar blue (non CE) is pretty good and cougar orange(non CE) is pretty OK. Blue Tongue is awful and too thick and Velociy was just horrible! I had a play on a Rope Runner for a few weeks whilst someone had a go with my Akimbo and I really liked it. Felt very smooth to get going and liked it a lot. But I was very happy to swap back to the Akimbo!


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