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Splitting maul/axe

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I recently bought the fiskars x27 it is a bit more expensive than your average maul but the difference in performance is far superior



Fiskars x27 is a fantastic axe



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An axe is a better tool for splitting than a maul in most cases. An axe should be curved in 3 planes, both to aid penetration and prevent sticking, like classic British Elwell. Shape of the handle is as important as the material from which it is constructed and if you want to use it all day it should be thin. Hickory may be better on paper but I have not noticed a difference in practice, certainly not several times better as some sites would have you believe.

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The head is the most important part. Though the handle is a close second.


Buy a cheap axe/maul and you might be lucky. I bought 3 cheapish mauls from the same supplier, of the same brand and in the same batch and only one of them is any good. It happens to be the one I picked. I rate it up with Granfors. The other two are poo. When compared the heads are a different shape.

Generally, if you get a more expensive axe/maul from a recognized supplier you'll get what you pay for.

The axe/maul debate is almost as boring as the Stihl/Husky debate. It all depends on what you like, and that'll take time to develop.

I use a cheap maul to split rings down and then a short Gransfor splitting axe to process into logs.

Try some out before you buy. Once you've split a few thousand rings you'll get a feel for what is good and what is tish.

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Really is worth saving up for a bit and getting a fiskars x27 especially as you say you are thinking of getting something better in the future. Buying the right tool once is a lot cheaper.


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Got a Fiskars X27 just recently after reading all the reviews on here.

For years i've used axes , mauls, grenades... but now there is no going back.


Seriously, if you are splitting all day there is no other choice.


Any maul or cheaper axe will work but nowhere near as effortlessly.


If you want to get an axe from screwfix and then save for a Fiskars.

You can still use the axe when you think there might be nails...etc.


Fiskars all the way. I'm a convert.




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buy quality or buy it twice... is sadly a motto i stick too with axes - however

the plaky handled mauls you get from most farm supplier style shops - after some basic reprofiling and sharpening are good for a few years.

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I used a toolstation maul for a few years - Toolstation > Landscaping > Log Splitting > Hardwood Log Splitting Maul


Personal use only, not huge volumes, but it did a fine job for the price. (£13!) Got a Fiskars X27 recently, and yes it's better, but I wouldn't say it was all that much better than the Toolstation maul for the difference in price.

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