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  1. Hi, anyone know where I can find part numbers for a 272xp and a 61? And where to source parts thanks
  2. Thanks buddy, power loading/turning sounds a boom, had presumed diesel. Are these mounted on wheels or could I mount it on the back of an old lorry chassis?
  3. HI, looking for opinions on the best bandsaw mill, what facilities and options to look for, power, etc. :Large hardwood timber. Thanks
  4. Looks pretty straight any 6' lengths without side branches?
  5. So wet here you'd have trouble lighting a gallon of petrol
  6. Ok thanks, so just cut string with knife and lift out sections. Bales are app 7' by 3'
  7. I should have said just wanted to cut up big bales for handling, alligator saw a bit short for that
  8. Hi, I am told that people cut straw bales up with a chainsaw, sounds wrong clogging etc. but wondered if anyone has tried it?
  9. Think their idea i that once dead it will no longer obscure light. Not seen it so don't know if it can just fall
  10. Don't think it has a TPO, think they just can't afford to have it taken down, been waiting 2 months for £60 they owe me
  11. Well, I wouldn't want to do it but it is a method we use to kill stumps and a customer asked me if it would also work on a tree, which got me to wondering. If it wouldn't work, why not?
  12. Anyone know if it would be possible to kill a Sycamore by drilling holes into the trunk and pouring in SBK or other chemical?


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