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10" trailer tyres


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Afternoon all.


Just bought a nice little ifor lt85 trailer brilliant little thing. Only a 2000kg gross. From what I can see they are the same everything, maybe slightly smaller brakes and different sized wheels from the lm version which is 2700kg. 


It has some poncy little 145 r10 tyres on. 3 of which are cracked between treads. Don't get me wrong I think this size of ture is probs OK but just checking with folk if they've run them? They any good? 


My mate said to swap them out with new rims and fit 195 r10 or up to the 13" wheels. 


Ideally I would have liked to put my safe track on this trailer if needed and if suspension same as the lm trailer the wheel upgrade would help me carry that weight (1800kg)


Just seems like now is the time to decide. Any ideas folks?

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3 minutes ago, woody paul said:

Sell it and buy right trailer to carry weight. If you can risk putting chipper on trailer see what it looks like may make your mind up, top heavy.

Nah, I don't have to put chipper on there.... I have a gh1054 but I'm mighty impressed woth the little trailer. It can carry 1.5t and going volume I can fill it with mesh sides 3/4 full and still be ok 👍 


Pretty happy with that for logs and it's a good partner for behind ranger. 


When you go 10x5 only 2' longer you were another 1k extra.... 12x6 1200 extra all for old battered trailers. This is a good looking little thing. 


Hopefully some else doesn't think the same and relieve me of it lol 😞

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8 minutes ago, Dan Maynard said:

I think 195r10 might be what I had on my old Brian James flatbed, I think small tyres sink into mud more.


Other thought, quite a few tyre places look at an R10 and refuse because it won't fit the machines whereas R13 is common.

Pooftas I'd have to break the tyre leavers out then. Only like 33 quid a tyre but as always upgrade where you can. Will have a ponder then 😀

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I run a dual axle 3t plant trailer on a regular basis. It has those tiny 195r10 wheels which makes it an excellent tow because of the weight being so close to the road.

On the other hand as stated, they sink fast and I actually got stuck once on a 4" curb, while trying to pull the trailer perpendicular across it. The Shogun pulling it, sat on dry tamrac in 4L and rear diff lock activated. The wheels where just too small to climb the 4". The shogun was spinning all 4 wheels as if it was on a redneck drag race.  Wood beam helped here. 

Buy the good tires like the maxxis CR-966, I had a Chinese tyre pop at 40mph on a healthy road driving straight line with only 2.4 tons loaded. Scary. 

Good luck

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