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Show us ya butterflies and moths


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Spent a very happy afternoon staking out this Buddleia in the Quantocks for butterfly pictures.

First got into butterfly spotting while living in Hampshire in the 80s. Some great habitat there. Old Winchester Hill a really happy hunting ground, great memories of sunny summer days there.


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Bit different here.  My father was a keen amateur lepidopterist as well as inheriting a large collection of butterflies  brought back from South America in the 1800s .  Not sure how he came to inherit them as it was not from a member of the family.  I think it was from a bachelor doctor in the village who saw father as a child and his interests in moths and butterflies 

They have been kept in boxes in his library here and it is amazing how vibrant the colours are maybe after 150 years and no signs of body decomposition.D56B1748-B1EB-4E78-980B-FD3FFAE0F0CF.thumb.jpeg.eb790ef4117df0509f646e5a2255ef5a.jpegE7381D76-8E8D-4FFE-B523-C5F440AE9959.thumb.jpeg.0f304a22094cce88b1e028bfae0715d7.jpegC835C41C-A82D-4C23-8899-D497D43BE4DE.thumb.jpeg.c7b092feca2ce88ddd5f1b6635b62576.jpeg90C52749-A3B3-4C36-B5BF-5A5ECA7F6CF6.thumb.jpeg.9e3258399d2f817613f5d34c03c745b3.jpegBE1803DF-66A3-41D9-9E8D-0DDD96765F6D.thumb.jpeg.d5d8aa81aa412380d9fbd3aba2821339.jpeg5017FA69-2017-4C9B-B0C6-4DB959A215BB.thumb.jpeg.8a926445e69c0b8a83383845331e033e.jpeg42864847-5C18-4BC2-956C-F458A27B8CAA.thumb.jpeg.1016acace8673854d17bce93a7b0ab65.jpeg900C4599-0C5C-4391-BF00-5843EF49AAF3.thumb.jpeg.2dd124168a8f1d5e273a34de110b5728.jpeg071581BD-BB87-488E-9E78-6209D019FE21.thumb.jpeg.daacc214bf44a37c96bff17a4db8e907.jpeg2831E192-807C-435F-8FF1-0CFA0D20D53F.thumb.jpeg.c2264f1ccbfb851fa0424fee428b0d56.jpegBF91E9E1-5A78-4FC1-BDB9-9715E7709234.thumb.jpeg.7bdbc97c52e691a7aae1e7d577484e03.jpeg


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I can easily understand the fascination with collecting beautiful butterflies, but I never could become excited by my father's obsession with collecting brown moths, small flies, gnats and midges.  He sent a lot of hid stuff to the Norwich museum, but I am glad he left these items as it is good to be able to show people them, especially children who often ask to see them again.  Museums can be wonderful but there are often too many distractions to appreciate one collection.

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A few more butterflies since the last time. There’s the Brown Argus, Green veined white, small copper, Holly blue, Brimstone, Speckled wood, Common Blue and I think that’s it, feel free to comment on any I didn’t ID correctly. 














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