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Thieves Target Selco Reading Car Park


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1 minute ago, kevinjohnsonmbe said:

Says the Guardian 😂


Whats interesting is that definition by skin colour is pretty much exclusively frowned upon by propagandists like the Guardian when it might show certain ‘tendencies’ are associated with notable demographics. (Unless they happen to be ‘white’ of course)

Wouldn’t want to ‘unfairly’ generalise and fuel the segregation would they.... Unless....


I’d suggest rather than ‘white’ or ‘other’ they’d be better focussing on ‘internal’ and ‘external’ classifications when referencing terrorist tendencies. 

After all, who decides what constitutes ‘far’ right and what happens to that definition when the presumed qualifying criteria apply more accurately to groups or individuals that are non ‘white?’

Good point. 


I changed the focus from Muslim to skin tone.


I should have said most terrorists aren't Muslim.


I'm pretty sure that wasn't the IRA's bag anyway.

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38 minutes ago, Toad said:




Since 1970, there have been at least 3,395 terrorist-related deaths in the UK, the highest in western Europe.[2] The vast majority of the deaths were linked to the Northern Ireland conflict and happened in Northern Ireland.[2] Between 1971 and 2001, there were 430 terrorist-related deaths in Great Britain. Of these, 125 deaths were linked to the Northern Ireland conflict,[3] and 305 deaths were linked to other causes[4] – most of the latter deaths occurred in the Lockerbie bombing.[4]


The Northern Ireland conflict is an isolated and historic war, some would say civil war. To use one war/conflict that ended 20 years ago as a basis to say that White people around the globe are more likely to be terrorists or carry out terrorist acts is as I said, nonsense.  

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19 minutes ago, doobin said:

Indeed. To put it another way, when was the last time you saw anyone other than a Muslim holding a severed head?



The way the federal government report terrorism incidents in the US is biased. A "Trump Won" bumber sticker is considered a terrorist act these days. Same with "Mass Shootings". Every gang banger shootout in the Chicago projects where three or more people are involved is recorded as a mass shooting. It's all designed to bump up the numbers to scare the sheep. 

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