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Log Splitter Hydraulic Problem


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I bought this old log splitter, a while back, off an old chap who used to do his own logs, but now too old to be bothered (his words!), he said it spits a bit of oil at breather, but apart from that works ok.

So as it was cheap I thought I’d take a punt as quite a simple looking machine, even tho I know little about hydraulics.

It’s American, a Quick-Split, made by GE Mann Inc, 5.5 hp B&S engine and NOT like the modern kinetic machine of the same name and I can fine nothing about them online except for a trademark reg. date in the late 70s and a couple of pics of what seems to be an earlier model.

So it’s been sat in a corner til I had a bit of time to fiddle.... fired up easy n runs sweet.

No leaking hydraulic oil for first couple in/outs of ram, you can see air start to bubble the oil in flow and return pipes, then started to spit intermittently, varying, amounts of oil, from breather behind splitter blade and wouldn’t split (low oil)

So I tightened the clear pipes (figured might b drawing in air) and topped oil up.

Bubbled a bit from breather and oil was aerated(?) in pipes again but after one cycle settled down and splits very nicely (but it’s certainly not quick![emoji849]) and seems to be pretty powerful.

After about 10 mins started to spit oil again and as time went on the amount increased almost as if the more it lost the more it wanted lose so topped oil up and started again still warm and it was fine for a bit but then started to do the same.

It seems to spit the oil about 4” from beginning and end of cycle most of the time and makes no difference whether it’s under load or not.

Anyone got any thoughts on it!





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So the oil reservoir is the box section that the ram  block rides also?


If you raise the splitter knife end up on a chog about a foot does it make any difference?


I'd change those clear plastic return lines for something less affected by heat than polythene.


Once you can be sure the suction side of the pump isn't letting air in then it's most likely the shaft seal on the pump drive.

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2 minutes ago, Toad said:

My guess would be getting air into the system somewhere or cavitation from the pump. Check the ram seals too and for any pitting or dents on the ram.

No harm in checking ram seals but on a double acting ram there is nearly always a zero to positive pressure on both sides of the piston so not much scope for sucking in air there.

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7 hours ago, timbernut said:

after one cycle settled down and splits very nicely (but it’s certainly not quick!emoji849.png) and seems to be pretty powerful.

It looks useful  so once you have the sucking air sorted out you can look at whether it can be sensibly speeded up. I cannot see from the picture what the difference in diameter of the piston rod from the piston is but a pressure sensed regenerative valve could be inserted between the ram and spool to speed up the power stroke on easy wood, it would then slow down to current speed if it encountered a knotty bit.


Breezy looking car there zedvictor1

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