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  1. nepia, is there not much arable round your way, I get most of mine for free from farmers (amazingly!), they have regular supplies of manganese and I get 5+ a year from some of the bigger farms/estates
  2. You mean down to the yacht club/harbour?
  3. You’re above 50 so you’re still in Stubby, just keep behavin badly[emoji6]
  4. They don’t like dags do they?![emoji23]
  5. 10 years younger and I’d be applying, what an opportunity!
  6. We’re goin to Dedham Cale for a couple of days, I’ve worked that way b4 but never had nose round n it’s only just over 30 miles from ours, there’s always treasures you haven’t found in you’re own region!
  7. Lots of alder round here (nr the broads) but alder buckthorn only occasionally occurring, I didn’t know it was for the fuses
  8. I thought it looked like an oversized Mini Countryman
  9. timbernut


    I found the cartoon in the comments funnier
  10. Also meant to say for years I was lead to believe it was alder buckthorn that was used for charcoal, but wondered where it grew in abundance, then we visited the Royal Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey last year and it has its own (overstood) alder coppice that supplied the mill, I presume there was probably a lot more that has been developed on. It also has its own canal system!
  11. A mate of mine had about 3000 piling from Gorleston dock: mostly greenheart, oak, jarah, larch, Douglas and Scots pine, but some other timber we weren’t sure of, the hardwoods were all sound but the gribble did for a lot of the softwoods particularly near dock bottom (I think), but were otherwise sound. My home is sitting on some Douglas ones: 30’ long and hand squares with adzes!
  12. Very sad, I too only knew him from this forum but liked his sense of humour and taste in music
  13. I always give the customer an explanation and options as it often depends on what they’re going to do with the site of the stump
  14. Now that is great, solid, advice! Nice patch KJ[emoji106]
  15. Think you need to do it on a mill with a wide band as narrow bands deviate too much, a good friend of mine had about 4000 pilings 20 years ago, all sorts of species but mostly tropic hardwoods, it was a steep learning curve! Good luck with them.
  16. Clark Forest bio chain oil is similar colour to that, like others have said it won’t have caused leak!
  17. Have you tried a husky technical, similar price to the petzl and better suited for ground based work, also the pfanner protos but much dearer but I believe it has a much longer ‘life’. I have both and rate them both highly except husky visor is easily damaged. Can’t help anymore than that as my head is at the opposite end of the scale to yours[emoji849]
  18. I’m sure I saw a report on Anglia News a while back that Betty had succumbed to ADB or was at least declining quite rapidly, I’m about 10 miles from Ashwellthorpe, where Betty is/was and dieback was first ‘discovered’ in U.K.
  19. Gold crest crashed into my daughters window, luckily only stunned and went on its way after 20 mins
  20. Hi Mike, sorry only just saw your post, I’m in Norfolk
  21. You on crack? It’s superb firewood!


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