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  1. I’ve never tried it myself but presume you could do it easily if you could clamp the file in the machine at the correct angle. I noticed on one of the vallorbe vids he just clamped normal round and flatfile in the frame.
  2. The only 357 I’ve seen with that filter holder was a really early one which also had decompressor on the side of the saw and I can’t see hole for it on top cover? Good job getting it goin again tho![emoji106]
  3. Shame it’s so much, was wondering if you could square grind full chisel with it as you appear to just clamp normal files in? Also it is 12v as well as 240
  4. Have found this very handy for sussing threads and should probably post on ‘tools worthy of a mention’ thread
  5. Have arbortec one, it’s been good a stayed waterproof after wash and treating except for the underarm bits which leak a bit in heavy rain (I’ve never opened breathers)and now all the zips are knackered which means constant snagging on front pocket
  6. I be watched a few vids of this machine at work and was under the impression it runs off tractor hydraulics or pump on pto. Also they are developing one specifically for Douglas fir
  7. J a Gad LTD Bourton on the water Do spencer (or are subsidiary of) and think made in uk
  8. Just looked on their site but there was no price or spec, I’m quite interested as well
  9. timbernut


    Someone keeps sending my wife flowers with the heads cut off...... I think she’s being stalked
  10. timbernut


    My sister in law was pissed up on Boxing Day and bragging about how amazing she was at multi tasking, but when I told her to shut the fuck up & sit down she couldn’t seem to do either!
  11. By the light of burning diesel, plastic and polystyrene
  12. Sounds more like 2 cube at that price, most ‘standard’ transit type tippers hold between 1.8 and 2.5 depending on dimensions of buck I sell for £85 for a single m3 loose in Norfolk I use about 7 cube loose to central heat home a year on Aarrow Stratford stove running 9 rads
  13. Cheers for that the Santis seem to be very narrow at the front and the right one pushes on the tendon above heel. I went for them because so many people have said how durable they are and the trousers are a great fit.
  14. Anyone have these boots? I’m just wondering whether they loosen up, I just took delivery of a pair size 45 which is what last pairs have been (husky technical, arbortec scafell lites meindl airstream and woodwalker), all of which were quick to settle in. The Santis are like a vice and thinkin should I bear with for couple of days or send em back?
  15. Mark, the Oregon MX40 fluid for deep cleaning saws works really well, you can buy it as concentrate or in, pre mixed 1 litre squirty bottles. Works on pretty much anything metal or plastic except the plastic on some lawnmower decks that go pale like they’ve bin in sun too long.
  16. As someone else pointed out both climbing lines need to reach the ground!
  17. I had problems last week: valmet conked our with half a tank, pick up in tank blocked with black crud (was properly cleaned out a couple of months ago and is kept full 90% of the time) didn’t make the connection til reading this thread, even tho Ag engineer was telling me a few weeks ago that most farmers ,round E Anglia, in particular have been having huge problems, with their machines, he said it was to do with the, compulsory, % increase in amount of palm oil added ( I find this very ironic as we seem to b discouraged from using products with palm oil!)
  18. [emoji23] [emoji23] nearly, it’s his evil twin
  19. The little black n tan thing we picked up in the summer has grown a bit since I posted a pic of her:
  20. That was what I was taught an what I told him but he just said “ but how do you KNOW ?”! I guess my input to this thread is not really valid as I’m anti, in general, to the double anchor, but also one of the eejits who could’ve benefitted from them![emoji849]
  21. Yes I get that! My daughters ex is a level 2 irata climber and he just couldn’t get his head round how we know an anchor point is safe!


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