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Risk Assessment and Job Spec Sheet

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I thought I'd upload this document I made to help any smaller outfits that find it difficult to keep on top of risk assessments, what tools they need for the job etc.


This maybe a pointless task but if it helps at least one person then that's cool...


So, the idea behind this risk assessment is to fill it out on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer when on (or after) your assessment. This way you know what tools you need for the job and what safety guidance documentation you should be aware of ie. AFAG, FISA, ICoP etc.


I have already populated the "Coding Sheet" located on the 2nd tab at the bottom right of the Excel document with some limited info of which can all be changed to suit you. This sheet is totally open to change. What info I have on there already is just to show you what info is needed to populate the risk assessment.

The idea behind this is so you only have to set this document up once. Once your coding sheet is populated with equipment you own, safety guides you adhere to etc. then filling out a site specific risk assessment becomes easier and all your left to do is upload your own signature and then keep everything stored on your hard drive or on the cloud. You can obviously print the document if you prefer keeping paper copies. You can right click the "Coding" tab and hide it too so when you export as a PDF when saving, the coding section will be hidden.


You will need some knowledge on excel to use this but hopefully I've made it simple enough.


I've protected the main worksheet so you can only select the cells that need information.


Anyway, have a play. Hopefully it all works. Change what you need to change in the coding sheet but try not to move any parameters on the coding sheet either, otherwise the drop down menus and/or auto generation will not work.


If you end up using this and want me to make any changes at all then just ask. If you have any criticism, ideas, add-ons, changes and/or advice then please voice it on here. I will update and upload new versions as and when needed.



Blank Risk Assessment.xlsx

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32 minutes ago, JonnyRFT said:

Oh blimey, nearly 50 downloads already.

Is it of any use?

Does it work properly?

Need anything adding?

Try adding method statement template 

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12 minutes ago, dumper said:

Try adding method statement template 

I have built one where most of the method statement “blurb” for each operative is self generating depending on their duty on site and then there’s room for more site specific information to fill out manually. I’ll upload the template and some basic “blurb” when I’m back in the office. 

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Hello mate, that's a handy template you've posted up there.
Well played for sharing it.
The functionality for digital signitures is useful when it comes to electronic docs.

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I worked on new method statement pages today that’s directly linked to the risk assessment. It’ll take up to 6 operatives. I’ve populated each method statement with code that will source selected information from AFAG and FISA documents depending on the role of the operative. If you have a certain guide, British Standard or other source you adhere to then you will be able to reword how you carry your normal every day operations. I will leave some blank areas that can be populated manually that make the method statement site specific as it’s too time consuming writing out multiple scenarios to automate.


EDIT:  Just realised I didn’t bring my laptop home. I will upload tomorrow.

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2 hours ago, richy_B said:

I like these,  good effort.  

Nice one @richy_B. Good to hear.

I have an update that will automatically add signatures once the RAMS is completed. I will upload when I’ve ironed out the coding a bit more.

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