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Any of you boys fancy a go at this?!

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Sod the log, how about trying to get a rg13 over a half rotten larch lap Pannal covered in roses then carry it across a dog poo laden field

A truck pull unbogging a transit stuck in a wet chip heap

Clear leaves into a oncoming wind with a blower.

Just a normal day really....


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First person to light a bonfire in the rain wins.........



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Surely requires a pole climb, some axe throwing, single bucking with a two man saw, log rolling, etc.


I deffo think theres room for some of that stuff. Whats the score with the rolling? My worry is the old school stuff will be dangerous for newbies. Axe and polesaw anyhow! Were trying to think of other tree theme related challenges that would be more inclusive.

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This, perhaps with a bit of raking, carrying beech rings through a narrow passage for a few hours. Trying to start a flooded husky, all with the first twinges of tennis elbow👍


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Funnily enough my elbow is just starting to tweak! I agree with all this "day at the office stuff" but its surprising how good a functional strength base you build up doing the tree action. Im predicting tree fellas will give even some of the top crossfit lads and stongmen doing it a run for their money!

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Looks interesting...


How about the 'team' lifting a log over an obstacle? eg 2 platforms of increasing height and bring the log up and over - similar to army obstacle carrying an injured soldier. Doesn't have to be very high, as you wouldn't want logs dropping from a great height.


Not the same obviously - but perhaps some ideas here:





Top suggestion! Get a log over two increasing in height obstacles would be class! That zip line action is quality too. Cheers! Anything else like that hit me with it or better still post it up on our official page. I'd love to get different tree crews racing like that. Perhaps logging up a small pine with axes and crosscut saws before lifting it up and over obstacles, stack and split on other side!




Were going to have a prize for the best idea. Keep an eye on the page and post yours up its top!

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What about tying up the apprentice with various knots approved in the Arb trade then hand winching them up by the feet to about 60 foot then tying the rope's off with differing knots to the ones used in the capture. Then lighting a fire in the time honoured tradition of Ray Mears and making a brew. First one to finish their brew wins. Must not forgot the ladies they could mud wrestle in the bog:laugh1::laugh1:


Two tickets please:drool:

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i did the tough mudder with a personal trainer, 10 yrs younger than me ( wrong side of 30 i am).

Well lets just say i had to wait for him to catch up a few times and my brother ( also a tree surgeon) had to relieve him of his log on the log carry section.


But if tshirts are off hes like a Greek god and im edging towards Buddha!


so yes i think we build up a good inner core strength and stamina

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