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  1. The 201T or TC is great. Not quite the legend that the older 200T is, but still a powerful and reliable top handle. The bigger Echo top handle, the CS355 is supposed to be a fine machine too, and can almost buy 2 for the price of a single 201TC.
  2. The Hipster — Thompson Tree Tools WWW.THOMPSONTREETOOLS.COM The Hipster is so light and small you'll hardly know its there. The Hipster is a micro rope grab for... This is Morgan Thompson’s business, he is still developing stuff after creating the Unicender. Also on that site you can now buy the Morgan block, new aerial friction device made by Morgan and Jamie Merrit, the inventor of the Akimbo. Got to try that out a couple weeks ago, pretty neat. There’s been a rumor of the Hipster getting made with an integrated swivel, I’m holding off on buying one until that happens. It doesn’t really NEED a swivel, but I’d like it more if the attachment hole was 90 degrees to how it is now. Still absolutely loving the Zillon though.
  3. Love the Zillon, but haven’t tried the Grillon or Positioner. Borrowing a Hipster from a friend and it’s amazing, I’ll probably buy my own.
  4. Very cool thread, I like the looks of the small tracked chippers. Here’s my machine, Bandit 65XP with a 32.5 HP Kubota gas. Usually these come with 25 Kohlers. Until I saw it I always thought Kubota was strictly diesel engines.
  5. Awesome, glad the combo works for you! I found Drenaline really bouncy, but all personal preference. I like the Akimbo on Fly too. Pitch/ sap will definitely screw it up. I just use a dab of chainsaw fuel and clean it off with a rag.
  6. My prediction: you’re gonna like the device and hate the Drenaline. You will probably hate the device on any brand new rope. I got mine with a new piece of Xstatic and hated the whole setup. Then put the Akimbo on an older, well used piece of Xstatic and the difference was remarkable. Just putting new ropes through the washing machine helps a lot.
  7. Another vote for the Fiskars X27. Until I bought it, I was under the impression that all Fiskars stuff was homeowner grade junk. I’m sold on that splitting axe though, it’s excellent.
  8. It should have the power if you don’t lean on the bumper spikes too hard. My biggest concern would be getting enough oil to the bar and chain.
  9. Got chain on my arm maybe 10 years ago, and started adding some local tree leaves a year ago. Still going to get more, locust, ash, maybe aspen or linden.
  10. I made a speed line kit pretty inexpensive by using bulk nylon tubular webbing and beer knots. There was a place selling steel ISC oval screwgates for about 6$ each. Got some rings, got some blocks and pulleys, they all got their place. Safebloc and triple hole thimble look neat, but unless it’s set right next to me I won’t be able to take a light piece in between the heavy pieces. No thanks. Maybe if I ever own a bucket truck I’ll get one.
  11. Clogger makes the gen 2 Zero in women’s sizes. Also for men and women they offer custom sizes for the less common body sizes and shapes. Clogger Zero Light and Cool Women's Chainsaw Pants GOCLOGGER.COM You don't have to be hot and uncomfortable to be safe. Choose Zero Chainsaw Pants in women's...
  12. I’ve always preferred a straight blade. Recently changed from 300mm Gomtaro to the 400mm straight Tsurugi. So the old Gomtaro will probably be getting a fine or small tooth blade for ornamental or smaller fruit tree pruning. The Tsurugi with large teeth is insanely fast cutting. Always wore it on my right side of harness.
  13. Jonny H

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Got a frisbee with my last Wesspur order.
  14. Hi folks, I’m Jonny, from Buffalo, New York. I know a few of y’all from The TreeHouse and TreeBuzz. Nice place here, hope everyone is well.


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