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  1. timits been a minute since ive been on here and since then i went with your advice and got a dmm pitcher red bag. I love it and it is the answer to the thread i started here. Thank you for you help!!!!!
  2. Some time has went buy since i first posted this thread and after trying a few things. I am purchasing tonight that zag with second connection hole for chest rig. I am a picky climber and wants things to work perfect and for me to achieve perfection with this system is to definitly purchase the 2019 zag fixed hole because on "srt" i truly do not want a swivel.
  3. Awsome good to here that it works for you! I am a person that wants everything to run exceptionally smooth especially after spending lots and lots of money you want to feel that it was 100% worth it at the end of the climb. I had a thaught about adding a dmm xs bat rigging plate onto the connection point of caribener to zigzag from chicane to have the hole to connect to. Your thoughts??
  4. That is an idea and i have a mini mallion so i will give it a shot. And i couldn't have said it better myself bud! Lets continue changing the world one caribener clip at a time!!
  5. Does anyone have any good ideas for how to set up a good attachment for a "4srt" chest harness running the chicane on an original petzl zigzag that lacks that second hole for attaching to chest rig?
  6. I did forget ash in that list well whats left of them.. The (EAB) prety well completely wiped out all ash in the surrounding area's. Ash are nothing but removals here 100% of the time. Also forgot to add maples in there red, norway, and silver.
  7. So we have some similar species. I would love to come check out london and get some climbing in there. Here the daily trees you would find yourself in is (white oaks, red oaks, shag bark hickory, pignut hickory, black cherry, black walnut, Siberian elm, American and slippery elm, and then your array of nasty pines! Favorite tree to climb is white oak and least favorite is shag bark hickory or any tree with vines. Very little urban tree work done here since this is WV its pretty rural and usually always woodsy trees untouched by man leaving never a dull moment.
  8. Thats cool and i am extremely curious to what is different with where you are! What are your most common trees that you find yourself in? What are your problem trees there?
  9. If you could pick any state in the United States as a climber what would be your favorite state to climb in and why? Ill start with my own answer. I live in West Virginia and this would also be my pick because of the large diversity in tree species keeping never a dull moment as a climber. But i do have an attraction to some southern trees. I have never climbed a live oak and that is something that drives my love to climb crazy!!
  10. Here is an option for you captain hook guys. I love DMM and overall everything they do is with perfection but the DMM bag that is used for the captain hook is not quite sized right for my liking. A better option that i have found is the petzl L tool bag because it is sized just right for the hook and with the front 2 zippers to make the top opening larger makes feeding your rope attached to the hook easier to feed into the bag. Also the petzl bag seems to be a little more durable than the DMM tool bag. In the pictures below i have 50' of teufelberger km lll and the hook.
  11. I do agree completely with the XSRE having those sharp edges on the pin and the ring does sound like a good fix to that. The 26mm im pretty sure is the smallest dmm anchor ring and even with that one i dont know how well it will fit the small area to work with. Although i will give it a shot because after all as an arborist it is our job to be innovative and think outside the box while staying inside the box of safety. Thats how advancments are made in this industry.
  12. So i was playing around in the canopy waiting on some things from the ground and while doing so i was looking at my hitch (VT), and was looking at the legs and was thinking hmm wonder what would happen if i capture the legs together with a dmm xsre mini. So i did and it kept my hitch oriented to perfection and did not effect my ascent or on descending at all. Actually felt like my hitch set faster when running it. I came to the ground and took a couple pictures of the xsre on my climb line and lanyard for 2 examples. My question is do you see anything wrong with doing this, any safety concerns, any reason to not do it? Or does this seem like something that is perfectly fine and can possibly be a fix for tidying up a hitch?
  13. Thank you guys for the feedback it has been helpful. I was also checking out the metolius speedster bag but it seems a little bulky and bigger than i need since i am down sizing the 200 blue moon to 150 drenaline. I am drawn to the dmm bag posted above i think mainly because it does seen perfect for what i need and i have been putting my life on dmm products for a long time now.
  14. I am in search for a rope bag that is soft and pliable enough to form to the bottom of my notch pro gear bag without destroying me on gear space above it like most stiff walled rope bags would do. I need to fit my 200' blue moon 11.7 line in it. I want to still be able to carry the bulk of my gear to the tree on my back and we all know gear bags are not ment for the drop zons but rope bags on the other hand can lay in the bomb zone. I do not want to flake my line onto the ground anymore so for my ropes sake and my (climber OCD) sake i have to find a soft rope bag that i can pull out of the gear bag and sit next to the trunk.
  15. The notch pro does great for me. With your spurs i would always recommend keeping them seperate from your gear but thats my opinion.


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