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  1. Tom BOP


    The green length of metal is my laser receiver bracket. For me it works very well. However do not think that you can dig to it as it is far to accurate/twitchy. For example when digging footings. Dig as per usual feeling your way but just before you track back have a quick dab to the bottom of the trench, thus preventing accumulative errors. I find having the bucket flat the most accurate, it is possible to take a very shallow scrape at this point if necessary. Obviously the dipper arm has to be vertical and it is surprisingly easy to achieve this. I apply the same principle when leveling stone or top soil. I would love to justify the expense of a DGPS or Gyro system produced by TopCon, Trimble or iDig. We can all dream!!
  2. Tom BOP


    16ft. Only took it about a mile to get off site and then split the load down and moved the machines individually. Although it was heavy it towed well. The access there is very tight and the site is very tight. I have to drop the trailer off to turn it round all very time consuming
  3. Tom BOP


    Sometimes needs must. Had to get kit off site with in planning time constraints/working hours
  4. Take a look at the schematic I have drawn up. This is how I have achieved a 2nd service for my machines. I have had to use the dozer blade circuit on machines such as a JCB 8025 where the boom offset is already linked to the slew lever via a change over valve. On the U17 it is set up on the Boom offset pedal, but I am going to change it to the dozer circuit as I think I will get a more refined control and it will standardize systems. Hope you can view the pdf file. ATB Kubota U17 2nd Aux. Hyd. Circuit Schematic.pdf
  5. The stumps or rootballs that we have to dig out we break up using a Lasco cone splitter
  6. Give me a call in the morning 07710 754629
  7. I have a Naarva K23 felling head/shear which I mount on a variety of different excavators, which includes a Kubota U17, a U25 and U48. It is a great piece of kit and I think superior to other tree shears as you grab and then cut rather than grabbing and cutting in one motion. This allows for greater control. The unit has a cutting capacity of 230mm (9 ins) however this is dictated by the capability of the excavator and obviously you could get yourself into trouble quickly on the smaller machines if you don't have your witts about you. It is available for hire on it's own or we can provide a machine and operator. We are based between Gloucester and Cheltenham. Give me a call on 07710 754 629 for more info or a chat on how we get on with it. Below are some pics of a recent job ATB Tom
  8. Toolstation item no. 58539 Screwfix item no. 76387 or 5256D or 7265D Hope this helps ATB
  9. I saw a guy set about a lawn mower in a similar fashion with a golf club. It was the nearest thing that came to hand after it stalled and wouldn't restart. He was somewhat 'unhinged'. My colleague and I were propping each other up with laughter but had to retreat when he threatened us
  10. Tom BOP

    Wedge pouch

    Try a 'Cordless Drill Holster' from Tool Station. Part No 37552 Costs £3.98
  11. Ifor Williams LM126. Room for my Avant 420 with attachments and room for wood down the side of the loader with the sides on. I strap mine on with 1 short strap at the front using a large d-shackle through the eye on the boom. I then thread the strap through the d-shackle and terminate the ends over the head board and down onto the hooks at the front. I don't bother with anything at the back. It never moves. I do however always have the rear tailboard on just incase the strap should fail.
  12. Snapping the chain brake on after each minuscule cut with the saw running flat out. Solution.... wack them with a stick.
  13. Hello give me a call 07710 754 629


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