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  1. I have been thinking about ordering a larger plant trailer, so this news prompted me to go and order a new one at 9 a m this morning. I'm sure demand for larger trailers ( new and secondhand ) will rise and there is a waiting list for many models as it is. I will take delivery in January 2022 at the earliest !
  2. Narrow leaved Ash ( Fraxinus Angtifolia ) Had to fell a few recently
  3. We are working in Allendale most of this week. p m me if you want a quote this week
  4. I have been asked to price the removal of Ash trees at various sites, including Narrow leaved Ash. ( Fraxinus angustifolia ) The Narrow leaved Ash seem to be unaffected by die back at the moment. Does anyone know, are they going to die too, or are they possibly resistant ?
  5. I don't think there is much between the Avants and Multiones, they are quite evenly matched in performance and price. I went with Multione on dealer service and because I feel that the Multione twin arm boom should be stronger. The fact that FMS is now a service agent for Multione is a bonus. One thing to watch out for when buying attachments that are not the same brand as your loader is to ensure that the tip / crowd angle is compatible. I've had to modify several attachments over the years to sort this problem. John
  6. I use to have an avant and for 11 years I managed with Avant's own fork / grab, for moving timber and brash. Buying the Avant and attachments was one of the best things I ever did. It got abused and bent out of shape, so I recently rebuilt it and increased its capacity slightly to use on the Multione mainly for mucking out farm sheds. So 13 years on, its still doing a great job ! I use a Kelfri grab on the tractor, which would work well on a heavier compact loader. It's not really strong enough for the tractor as I bent this soon after I got it and when picking up a large piece it can lose its grip past a ton and a quarter. Multione's own grab works well for brash, but is heavy and does not tilt back much, reducing the weight carrying capacity. I'm thinking about putting the Kelfri grab on the Multione for lifting large diameter timber. So to Stephen, I would say borrow, hire or try other people's machines and grabs before making your mind up.
  7. There is a product called Ventair which is great for vertical cladding on sheds. Its box profile with louvres, so it's strong, easy to install and gives good ventilation. I have been in a friends large log store on a wet and windy day clad with this stuff and it works well! It's probably pricey, but may be worth considering.
  8. Found these on Christmas eve, in a damp corner of one of the sheds on the farm. Probably not tree related, but I thought they were interesting. Any ideas, anyone ?
  9. I'm going to copy that, before you get a patent on it !
  10. My recent tipsite review was of Li Vockings site, not Gareths Garden, I messed up big time there. Sorry !
  11. If you want a price for removal, message me, I will be in Newcastle several times next week.
  12. Di bond sheet, from Amari plastics, check out their web site. Aluminium / plastic sandwich sheet. Lots of colour , size and thickness options. Rivet or bolt it to frame or mesh using large washers if you need to. It makes strong, light weight panels, which look professional and it's relatively cheap ! I've used it on several trucks and trailers and used other products from Amari for various projects too.
  13. So, whats this piece of English Oak worth then ? and would anyone on here like to buy it ? I went on Saturday to give a price to ring up and haul this for firewood for a friend of the tree's owner. In my mind its too good for fire wood and suggested they they sell it for milling. Access to the timber is very good at the moment, the ground is rock hard. I am going to cut a ring or two off the bottom this week and will post pictures when I do . The house behind was built in the 1870's but the tree may far older, as records state their was property on this site in the 1400's.
  14. Kept stopping for a laugh at this 3 month takedown at Corbridge Allottments last spring.
  15. Here's my solution for big timber + poor access One old Avant and 2 Truxta's And for stumps in back gardens ( small stumps )


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