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  1. That looks like a good shout. Thanks.
  2. Thanks all. I found Salix alba elaegnos, narrow leaved rosemary willow, which has similar coloured / shaped leaves, but not sure about the shape of the actual tree. I thought those spiked leaf edges would give it away, but if there are lots of similar hybrids, perhaps not.
  3. Please can someone tell me is this some sort of Eucalyptus? Or a Willow? Thank you.
  4. Thank you. There's a tree close by I had pegged as Narrow Leaved Ash (photo attached). Its leaves are much narrower and decidedly spaced out. The new tree looks nothing like this.
  5. Thanks but I don't think so. Buds for Wingnut are brown aren't they? Another photo showing the keys. I'd be surprised if it's not an Ash, just seems a bit different.
  6. Clearly Ash, but its leaves looks quite different to most of the others around here, darker, curled, feel glossier and thicker. Assumed most of the local trees are Fraxinus excelsior, but is this something else or do they have quite a bit of variation? Thank you
  7. Thanks both, much appreciated.
  8. I'm not familiar with the species but is this a Thuja? Any idea which? Western Red, Northern White? Thank you.
  9. Please can someone help me ID this tree. Some kind of fir? Except it doesn't seem to have the sucker-like attachments joining the needles to the branches.
  10. Thanks, Khriss. Welsh border, but about a mile from Wales, sorry. Dunkeld looks possible, but I read that the Japanese larch is dominant in the cross and the Dunkeld cones have the same turned out scales as the Japanese? I'll go back in better light and have a look at the actual tree.
  11. Hello. Trees on the Welsh border. The one on the right I am reasonably confident for Common Larch (Larix decidua), but what about the one on the left? Trees were far apart. Looked similar, though high canopy into bright light so difficult to tell. Found three or four trees like the one on the right and the cones were consistently elongated. Everything dropped from the tree on the left was decidedly round, larger scales. Not turned out at the ends like Japanese Larch. Both Common? Or something different? I am puzzled. Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  12. Good morning. I think this is a Bay Willow but I am not sure. What do you think? It is about thirty feet tall. Catkins look right. It is growing in Shropshire, on the edge of a field that gets flooded very easily with heavy rain if that helps. Thanks.


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