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  1. Grinding some stumps with the bigboy! Pictures from last year during a video sesion. Herder-Fermex SC-800H, suitable for tractors between 180 and 250 HP.
  2. Here a nice video of a Liebherr 914 working with a Herder-Fermex stumpgrinder (model SCE-630H): For more information and/or specifications, please visit: Herder Fermex stump cutters for excavators - Herder WWW.HERDER.NL or email us at: info@herder.nl
  3. I drove this New Holland T3.70F during a day while making a demo video of the mounted Herder-Fermex stumpcutter. I must say it is a nice tractor to run and easy to operate. I found the mirrors vibrating a little anoying, but for the rest a nice tractor.
  4. This is also a way of removing stumps with an excavator. more information to find here: https://www.herder.nl/en/herder-fermex-stump-cutters-for-excavators/
  5. You might consider the Herder-Fermex SCT-410H is approx 31" but grinds deep and has a big sweep, here you find a review of it: If you like, you can contac Nick Curry as well. He runs this machine for almost 2 years very intensive and he can give you answere on most of your questions I am sure. You also can contact me via email: r.melse@herder.nl
  6. Here a Hitachi Zaxis 130LCN in belgium during commisioning together with a Herder-Fermex stumpcutter (more info: https://www.herder.nl/en/herder-fermex-stump-cutters-for-excavators/ )
  7. Used of new? if interested in new (like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPL1equ5uFM ) just send me an email: r.melse@herder.nl and I bring you in contact with our U.K. Importer. Kind Regards, Ronald
  8. I'dd like to bring the Herder Fermex SCT 410H to your attention. Here a small movie: and here a review of one of our UK customers: And a movie of this particular maschine: If you want more info, please send me a PM
  9. I don't know what your budget is, and if you consider a 2nd hand selfpropelled machine? one of our german dealers has a refurbished model on stock: https://www.hafera.de/gebrauchtmarkt/herder-fermex-scw-410h/ This is the older model which is 89cm wide (the current model is only 79cm wide) He doesn't speak english, but nowadays google translate can help you out...
  10. Hi Jonnygurkha, The Stumpcutter is a Herder Fermex (http://www.herder.nl/en/herder-fermex/ ), the tractor is a 96HP Valpadana. Here a link to an other topic where this Alpine is shown. https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/92214-alpine-tractor-which-make/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-1508821
  11. Takeuchi excavators are know for their Hydraulic power! Various attachement have different flow's, so it is good to check the requirement of the attachements. Are you still in need for attachements? we, www.herder.nl have several attachments in our product range. our UK dealer, DOW (http://www.woodfuelmachinery.co.uk/ ) will be on the CONFOR exhibition and showing/demonstrating a tree shear and a excavator mounted stumpcutter.
  12. Standard color, but action! [ATTACH]222443[/ATTACH]
  13. Who likes this special color? [ATTACH]222441[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]222442[/ATTACH]
  14. [ATTACH]222332[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]222333[/ATTACH] Here the HERDER FERMEX SCW410H during a demo. This 32 horse power machine is available as a 3 Wheeled machine (extremly manouvrable), a 4 Wheeled machine or with tracks: [ATTACH]222334[/ATTACH]
  15. [ATTACH]222331[/ATTACH] Here the HERDER FERMEX SCT550H with 75 horse power during a demo


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