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  1. If they ask me I tell them it's not something I do and if that's a problem I politely decline the order.
  2. To be honest, if your getting more than a couple of hours cutting softwoods you're doing well. Hardwoods tend to be a lot easier on blades and can sometimes stretch it to 3 hrs. Larch and Douglas are very abrasive as is not so fresh Sitka, all to do with soft fibrous bits of wood and harder bits all in the mix, confusing the hell out of the blade. With hardwoods it's pretty much similar density all the time so it doesn't confuse the blade the same. Speed of the blade should be as high as the power of the engine will provide. Strat the cut slow and build up speed until the engine note dips, then ease of a little and keep to that speed for the rest of the cut. You'll get to hear the blade singing and know when to push it a bit faster or when to slow up. It doesn't take long but a lot of folks just give up and say it's the blade's fault for them not learning how to use them properly. Stick at it and it'll reward you well
  3. £36k pa. Imagine there'd be a queue miles long if that job was advertised here
  4. Started this job 4 weeks ago and have finally cut the last board. Great start for the new machine
  5. 3 8hr days would do the load with ease. Fwiw, why work 7 days? If you can't make enough in 5 you're wages aren't suiting your lifestyle
  6. I use one to process 8 loads for myself and hire it for about another 20 loads a year. Plenty power, and a very capable machine. Mine's 5 yr old now and still runs well, albeit the engine dropped a valve and blew, I replaced it with an electric start one and have often wondered why Riko didn't offer this as an option. Makes starting it after a stall so much easier. Make sure you get the log lifter with it and also the chamber-side splitting lever. Think there's a used one for sale near Chorley. Done literally nothing and fully loaded with all the extras, lad's wanting £10k for it no VAT good saving on what a new one costs Have a look at the Facebook page Firewood/Log Processors & Related UK ( Sales, Help&Advise, And Banter/pics
  7. Try sawing a bit with a handsaw. If it's oak the blade will go blue/black overnight. Looks like oak to me
  8. Think you're talking about carb adjustments on chainsaw. No chain speed adjustment on the WP36, other than throttle speed. If it's not running fast enough at full revs there is a hydraulic flow problem. I gave a brief explanation of what it may be in your first post
  9. How's the oil temp? Saw going slow is normally a sign that the splitting ram is not triggering the valve to stop flow going to it. sign of this is that you'll be able to hear the pump labouring a little when the ram returns and before you pull the lever to saw. Oil temp will rise quickly and there's a good chance it will go black if you use it like this for too long. There's two trigger blocks under the infeed, the one closest to the saw end could need a touch of adjustment. No 13 in the diagram BTW it's a pig to adjust
  10. It is. Good machines for the money
  11. Small scale and softwood only, but still churning out around 20 bulk bags/week for the past month. Oddly enough it's the longer (15") logs that are going well and the demand for 9" ones hasn't really got going yet. Happy to wait until later on in the winter for them to pick up to where they were last year.
  12. Surely the heat loss from the tunnels would make it a non starter............am I missing something though?
  13. £280/day for machine and man. Extra man £120/day Hire of machine only £200/day. Weekly rates are negotiable with one or two men, but non negotiable on machine only. You'd be surprised how well folks treat the machine when on hire without an operator.


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