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  1. bilke_user

    Firewood moisture content

    Where in Argyll are you?
  2. bilke_user

    Firewood moisture content

    perfectly possible, and quite probably it's dead standing stuff that has been harvested and set aside as firewood. I have bought a good few loads of dead spruce from commission sites and it's pretty dry on the whole, although there will be a few bits in it that have higher mc. 20t load of it would be close to the top of the bolsters, whereas fresh stuff would be about 25t and much lower in the bolsters. Just watch with the dead spruce that you get it split and under cover quickly, leave it too long, open to the elements and it rots pretty quickly
  3. bilke_user

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Haha, less than 2.5 ton there.
  4. bilke_user

    Compact tractors

    I bought a Landini Mistral 50 compact new in 2006. It has been used well beyond what it was designed for, from pulling timber trailers, to wrapping silage bales and has been serviced every 500 hrs whether it needs it or not, it will continue to be abused for many years yet and will probably be the longest serving bit of machinery that I've ever used. Have a look around and if you can find one, be very tempted, The simple Yanmar engine and no fuss gearbox keeps it cheap and easy to maintain
  5. bilke_user

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Easy bit of ash today. Not often we get a tree right beside the road.
  6. bilke_user

    small scale processing

    In all honesty for the 15M3 you are talking about processing you'd be miles better off hiring someone with a mobile processor for a day and save yourself a lot of money
  7. bilke_user

    Hows the log sales going now

    Pushed the price up by 20% and have now almost sold out. Mildest winter we've had here for many years but think because it's so wet people are staying in and enjoying the fire. Need to find a bigger shed!
  8. bilke_user

    Christmas in front of a wood burner :)

    After a day's work in the snow, it's always good to get home to a stove
  9. bilke_user

    Palax or Farmi

    Not sure if it was yourself who texted me asking to hire my machine for 50t of larch/sitka. Certainly wasn't me that quoted you the £240 though. For a machine and 2 men that's a steal. In sitka on an ideal set up and with 2 men 10t/day is pretty much what the wp36 will do. On larch it'll do a bit more but there's so many variables that it's always better to quote about 10t/day, especially if there's travelling and in the winter here days are short of daylight. If you're looking for a processor to travel with then the WP36 is really the only viable mobile option. Most processors in the sub £15k bracket will do around 10-15t/day and to get anything more than this you're looking at a significant investment of over £20k. Always remember that with the bigger machines you get a lot more waste product. My Farmi cuts fairly cleanly with the 4way splitter, but when using the 6 way the extra production it does is offset with the amount of waste wood it creates. You're more than welcome to come and see mine in action if it helps you make your mind up on what one to go for. I'm not a dealer so what you will see is what the machine does in the real world. I might add that instead of a bigger/faster machine my next investment will be a bigger shed to cope with the wood being produced
  10. bilke_user

    Farmi wp36 help #2

    MAKE SURE the operating lever lock is fully in the OFF position. If it is slightly on the rubber part of it can grip the operating lever enough to stop it returning to the neutral position. Does it return to neutral when coming off the saw stroke? John
  11. bilke_user

    softwood cord

    I'm paying £35/t delivered for 3m larch not wider than 35cm and not narrower than 12cm. It's coming from a clear fell site 15miles away. Another company are wanting £65/t delivered for year old sitka spruce in 5m length, no wider than 35cm and not narrower than 12cm. I've ordered many loads of the £35/t larch simply because timber prices are only going one way at the moment, especially with the insatiable appetite the bio-mass industry has for it J
  12. bilke_user

    Farmi wp36 help

    Dear John, Please accept my sincere apologies’ for the difficulty you have experienced in obtaining answers about parts / technical matters with our products. It is of no help to you but around 8 weeks ago our parts person Calum and two other staff were headhunted by different companies. Despite endless interview’s we have been unable to find satisfactory replacements. Until such time as we find a replacement we are having to work out way through things as quick as we can. Kind regards, Stephen Cabrol Riko UK Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1420 487300 www.riko-uk.com Copy of a recent e-mail from Stephen. The issue I had with the machine was dealt with quickly and although it meant me guiding him to the part via photographs and a copy of the online parts diagram we got the part within a couple of days and for a price that was less than I was expecting. Easy man to deal with although not as knowledgable as Calum was
  13. bilke_user

    Farmi wp36 help

    Think they are looking for a replacement for Calum, not an easy man to replace!
  14. bilke_user

    Farmi wp36 help

    The bolt does unscrew. Alternatively unscrew the valve, but that is a bit of a faff Cheers John
  15. bilke_user

    Being able to supply your demand

    No idea on what kind of wood you are splitting, but if it's big(over 2ft dia) maybe have a look at a petrol driven log splitter. If it's fairly straight stuff around 15" dia it might be worth hiring in a processor. I've a WP36 that runs off either it's own engine or a PTO and when I hire it out I expect it to process around 25-30 bulk bags of soft wood/ day or 20-25 bulk bags of hardwood, slightly less than the softwood because misshapen bits take a little longer. £300 is normal for a day's hire + operator. £8k buys you a used mobile WP36. Maintenance costs are very low and running costs are roughly £25/day for petrol Not sure what prices are like in your area, but most selling firewood now don't talk about price per ton. It's either by a measured trailer load (m3) or bulk bag. If you can find a market for around 200 bulk bags/year you would be well advised to invest in a processor.


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