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  1. White smoke?? Odd there's been nothing on the news about this. It usually signifies a new pope🙃
  2. I've a cheap Farma rotator and grab and it lifts and turns stuff way over SWL. No way on this earth could you ever turn it by hand, even with leverage of a 4.9m x30cm login is static until the lever is pulled or pushed
  3. No, just the trunk from the mill and the last hour every day spent shovelling it into bags.
  4. Bloody worrying time for you that's turned out better than you thought a few days back.
  5. Doing my best to keep up with sleeper orders, shame to mill some nice Douglas into raised bed blocks but gotta make hay when the sun's shining
  6. Will most likely be seized solid if it's not been used for a while. Good practice to lower the tipper with it once a week, just to keep it free for when it's really needed
  7. Keith Threadgall is in Kelso, but travels all over with his mill. Years of experience and knows milling. 07789 551686
  8. Couple of hours on the mill this morning, finding it hard to get time to manage a full day on it at the moment.
  9. Are you seriously telling us up here, north of your "smoke", that arb workers there are on £125k/yr. Never mind going to the smoke, methinks you've been on the smoke
  10. Yes, a tab bolted on to run under a rail on the frame would be the way to go. Gravity will do 99% of the work, but there will always be the 1% of times that can cause a major f**k up. On the scraper for the rail, best to use a hard nylon, held in position by a bit of steel bolted on in front of the wheels. Do cover the wheels, sawdust will get under the cover, but nothing in comparison to how much will get in the way of the wheels without the cover. Could you make one wheel on either side of the carriage adjustable, just so you can make adjustment to any sloppiness ? Pic from Woodmizer showing detail of the track wiper and holder on their LT15 model
  11. Looks good. How is the carriage going to be held onto the rails?
  12. Our 9kw Woodwarm is now 20yr old and had rust in the firebox when we bought it, after being in a large warehouse for a few weeks. Not surprising really as background moisture will always cause a bit of rust on untreated steel. Replaced the baffle a couple of times and the log guard every other year or so. Boiler has been replaced with a stainless one about 5 yrs ago. Good stove that never fails to deliver for us
  13. Aye, he sourced my mill for me last year and hopefully the next one soon too Decent lad
  14. Is that Keith Threadgall's outfit?
  15. I'll take Alder. Thanks all. Any good for milling?


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