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  1. It is. Good machines for the money
  2. Small scale and softwood only, but still churning out around 20 bulk bags/week for the past month. Oddly enough it's the longer (15") logs that are going well and the demand for 9" ones hasn't really got going yet. Happy to wait until later on in the winter for them to pick up to where they were last year.
  3. Surely the heat loss from the tunnels would make it a non starter............am I missing something though?
  4. £280/day for machine and man. Extra man £120/day Hire of machine only £200/day. Weekly rates are negotiable with one or two men, but non negotiable on machine only. You'd be surprised how well folks treat the machine when on hire without an operator.
  5. Think for any tree work I'd be wanting decent cab guarding more than a heated seat. Looking uncomfortably close for comfort in many of the overhead manoeuvres.
  6. If already dry, chuck them anywhere inside and they will stay dry
  7. Douglas fir, cut green in april, ready to burn now with a moisture content of sub 18%. 500mm long. Stacked with plenty air around and through
  8. Sell softwood here for £60/90x90x90bag which works out at about £82/cube loose. There are dearer sellers and there are cheaper ones too, the market accommodates all tastes
  9. I need the height in the shed for the timber grab unloading logs onto the sawmill. Still manage to sell 200 bags of wood/year so any more room would mean spending more time filling and emptying the shed.
  10. Always remember that no matter how big the shed/barn you'll always need a bigger one
  11. Poor trailer nothing! There's just shy of 3t of wood on it. It's rated for 3.5t Animal, I'll not argue with


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