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  1. Poor trailer nothing! There's just shy of 3t of wood on it. It's rated for 3.5t Animal, I'll not argue with
  2. Just be glad that you are not trying to order parts from them, if you do get past reception you are then onto someone who does;t know one part from another or what it does unless you give him a parts number and serial number from your machine. Even armed with this information it still takes two weeks and numerous phone calls to get them to do anything about taking money and sending the things out to you. Stinks of a poorly managed company now
  3. I'll buy an artic load of seasoned spruce in 3m lengths and it's usually about 21t to the top of the bolsters. From this I process about 70 .9m x.9m x.9m bags which works out at about 50m3 When I buy fresh larch in 3m lengths it's 25t on the load and only get about 55 bags which is closer to 40m3 BTW I buy in at 35 /t and sell at 60/bag.
  4. Was thinking £480/m3 was too cheap 😁😁 £900 that Waitrose equates to sounds much better
  5. I use 10" larch cut to 500mm length and put three cuts in them. Remarkable how many get sold and those that do buy them always return and refer friends. My only problem is that I never cut enough to supply the demand.
  6. An afternoon processing 500mm douglas fir for the shoot hut stoves. Should be dry by beginning of Nov and enough to do until the end of Jan
  7. Does anyone happen to know the RAL colour code of the grey on the WP36 processor? Quiet time at the moment and time to give the flaking paint a touch up.
  8. Wondering if there's a market for hardwood chips or do we just tip them and let them rot?
  9. perfectly possible, and quite probably it's dead standing stuff that has been harvested and set aside as firewood. I have bought a good few loads of dead spruce from commission sites and it's pretty dry on the whole, although there will be a few bits in it that have higher mc. 20t load of it would be close to the top of the bolsters, whereas fresh stuff would be about 25t and much lower in the bolsters. Just watch with the dead spruce that you get it split and under cover quickly, leave it too long, open to the elements and it rots pretty quickly
  10. I bought a Landini Mistral 50 compact new in 2006. It has been used well beyond what it was designed for, from pulling timber trailers, to wrapping silage bales and has been serviced every 500 hrs whether it needs it or not, it will continue to be abused for many years yet and will probably be the longest serving bit of machinery that I've ever used. Have a look around and if you can find one, be very tempted, The simple Yanmar engine and no fuss gearbox keeps it cheap and easy to maintain


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