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  1. I'll take Alder. Thanks all. Any good for milling?
  2. Not normally stumped by tree ID's. But this one taken down in a local garden has me thinking Cherry of some type but tree surgeon lad who took it down told the woman it was a rarer type of beech........not sure that I'd go allong with that, but as I don't know I'll throw it out to ask the audience Stump diameter is just short of 3ft
  3. Would make sense, if it's not something that's in demand it'll go for Biomass prices which is what you were offered it at.
  4. What redwood are you looking for? Larch,Douglas and Cedar? Prices are holding up well with a little variation Prices for the past year in Scotland from Forest and Land Scotland
  5. 1cube m is 423.776 board feet Just search google for m3 to board feet conversion and it gives you the calculator
  6. Pretty sure most mill blade guide rollers are the same diameter, depth is different depending on what blades you are running Decent video showing how easy it is to change bearings in them too
  7. A bit hot for being on the mill all day, but at least the wind wasn't blowing the sawdust into the eyes 900m of 4x1 fence slats and 200m of 3 x 1 1/2 ready for collection this evening
  8. It was being used as a storage shed/ getaway place for the kids but now we've renovated it and will put it to work as an off-grid holiday cottage.
  9. Air dried. Lucky enough to have had a very drying east wind for the past ten weeks to finish them off just in time. The cottage has no central heating and is has 3 ft thick stone walls so they should stay at the 14% m/c they are at at present for some considerable time. It has a fireplace at the other end of the open plan floor, but in reality that shouldn't make the place so warm that we'd be worrying about the worktop warping. Think if it was going to warp it would have done so long before now.
  10. Was asked early last year to mill some douglas fir to be used as kitchen worktops for a bothy project this year Quite happy with the way they have turned out.
  11. Might seem a lot to sticker but you'll get a lot of stickers from edging your flitch boards, probably a lot more than you will need. I've got 1200 4.9m douglas boards that I milled last year, to be used as cladding for a shed this year, that have been stored on site in three stacks with a rough 3x2 frame around them covered top and 1/3 sides with black polythene. They have been stickered every 2nd board & 10 boards wide.......any wider and the forklift forks won't lift them. Boards are fine. Do watch out for sawdust sticking to the boards......I've now taken to using Vortex blades to make dusting down the boards a lot less tedious
  12. Over 40cm is considered oversize for the BSW mills.
  13. Got proper 3.7m larch mill logs coming this week and they are £70/t delivered. That's cheap for mill logs at the moment, but only so because it's oversize stuff that the local BSW mill doesn't want and there's not a lot of it
  14. Paid £24/t + delivery for the larch. Phone your local FLS office, or if there's no one there ask one of your local timber contractors who to get in touch with.


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