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  1. Find a local arborist or try the Arbtalk website most yards would have some good hardwood stumps for very little https://arbtalk.co.uk/
  2. Simple garden benches are easy with minimal tools and always sell. Every one wants a rustic bench, these two were from an old conifer and gave me £100 back - result.
  3. Yes wot he asked?
  4. Get a couple of the Lidl ones and at their price leave each set with whatever disk you require, last disk I purchased was about £4.50 off Flebay, mine is three years old and stihl (lol) going strong!!
  5. Some very talented people on this forum - great piece.
  6. Thanks guys nice to have some recomendations - Cheers. Yes staying in Norfolk, great county to live within.
  7. Moving house in the Spring and would like to have the drive and front lawn done with resin, this is supposedly porus and therefore doesnt need planning. Anyone done the same? any pointers or probelms? Will be using a contractor as do not have the time or equipment to do a decent job myself.
  8. I use a smallish trailer behind the quad , the quad itself has a simple boat type hand winch and we have the same in the barn for preparing carcasses.
  9. Forgot to add when I did mine I didnt use a spindle sander but found a router and rounding over bit sorted all the curves.
  10. Brilliant, the smile makes it all worth while, worthy of heirloom status
  11. UKworkshop.co.uk Who would want a Vintage Mortising Machine? : General Woodworking - UKworkshop.co.uk WWW.UKWORKSHOP.CO.UK https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/who-would-want-a-vintage-mortising-machine-t121129.html
  12. Bl00dy complicated all this malarcky
  13. Google DBS check online you can do it that way or call 101 and speak to local plod.
  14. Looking to extend a single 6m x 3.5m garage to 20m x 3.5m, I emailed the local planning office for advice and they replied Good Afternoon Thank you for your enquiry, please note that the Council will no longer respond to queries around whether planning permission is required. Advice can be found on the Planning Portal or you can submit a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Use or Development application. North Norfolk District Council have introduced the pre-application advice service for: • All householder development) or commercial floor space up to 50sqm • All commercial floor space 51 – 499 sqm • Small scale residential development (1-9 dwellings) on a site of less than 0.5 hectares or commercial floor space 500sqm to 999sqm) There are two level of service available bronze (basic response level, constraints only no Planning Officers opinion) and silver. All pre-application enquiries will need to be submitted on a pre-application advice form and submitted online, alternatively a manual form can be downloaded and submitted. I am still none the wiser if I need to get planning permission or not or something different, anyone offer a explanation in English? I have received some advice via another Forum but interested on you guys knowledge or experiances.
  15. We have just got a Bingham Dry Plucker to use on the shoot, it will need a good service and maybe plates to. Has anyone serviced one of these or have a manual, I cannot access the Bingham site due to works firewall to see if they have one to download?
  16. I have a Draper 50 litre similar size, would be ideal unless you want to run high capacity air tools, this will run air sander, spray gun and die grinder (But not at the same time), also use it for pressure pot when casting resin. Easy to maintain and drain, a little noisy but is small enough to be portable and was under £100
  17. Social media just seems cold compared to a phone call or chat over a pint is all.
  18. Yes its a good time of year to catch up with people you loose touch with, beats social media "friend" requests.........
  19. Lazurus

    Wood DIY

    Lol, yes it was a few years ago but it came out well, I did it from a plan set but the timber used was all self harvested, I guess that what makes it a little special. Its not a particularly difficult project but did take some time.
  20. Lazurus

    Wood DIY

    Walnut and oak from a couple of trees that fell in a friends garden a few years back
  21. My lathe will turn 36" over the bed and 5` 9" with bed removed, not me in the picture but same lathe.


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