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  1. Alaskan huskies are crosses and they arguably have the best stamina out of any dog in the world.
  2. Beech cordwood for sale, forest grown firewood in 3m lengths, looking for quick uplift due to small loading bay. £50 a ton at the roadside, access for 8 wheeler only. Thanks
  3. I dunno I think this may be a case of the grass is always greener because I always though a bandsaw would be quicker 🤣 I think for the turbosaw the assembly time was a killer, and the one I had had some design flaws, like it was powered by a chainsaw power unit and in my opinion it wasn't very good, it used to snap the bar studs regularly and it was a right pain in the tits trying to keep the band from the power unit to the saw tight enough. It also took two people to lift the carriage on to the rails, at the time I was a one man band so it wasn't ideal. That said, if I saw a second hand one now I would definitely consider it just because I know how it works 😝
  4. Hi all. I am looking at buying a portable sawmill. I am open to suggestions of new mills, at the moment the two contenders are Norwood and woodland mills. I would also be interested to hear of any second hand saws for sale. I previously had a swing blade sawmill made by turbosaw, however I think a bandsaw makes more sense. Any input welcome. Many thanks, John
  5. Yeah maybe the best bet is to advertise on Facebook market place, rustic poles for pergolas etc. And sell them on an individual pole basis. Technically you need to be a registered professional operator with the plant health people as well
  6. If it's strait I would go through it and cut it in to fencing products and sell it on a per piece basis. For chestnut firewood I only get £30 a ton and you probably won't even have enough to fill a lorry.
  7. Will message you to avoid derailing the thread
  8. Where are you based? I always have bits and pieces in West Sussex but I can never find anyone who wants it and it all goes on the firewood pile Edit, just saw you are in Dorset, probably a bit far...
  9. This is exactly the type of content in every thread about alder on this forum 😂
  10. Hi everyone. I have been approached about coppicing some alder trees. I know that alder is reputedly one of the best woods for making charcoal and also from searching on this forum some members here like to mill it. But what I want to know it, has anyone successfully cut, extracted and sold it for more than firewood prices? Thanks, John
  11. Thanks doobin, I do indeed have a fairly regular supply of beech cord available by the lorry load but it sounds to me like the original poster is after arb waste
  12. This lot is now sold but I will have more available soon if anyone is interested. Thanks
  13. Put it on the tractor this morning to get some more photos


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