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  1. Got around 40 tons of beech cordwood for sale near midhurst in West Sussex. Access for 8 wheeler only, not artic. Cut September last year. After £55 pounds a ton at roadside. Thanks
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know if there is anyone selling locally grown and milled timber on the Isle of Mull? Thanks, John
  3. Have tried Will he isn't interested in pine unfortunately.
  4. There is only access for an 8 wheeler unfortunately which may also be putting people off
  5. That is a valid point, however in this instance the land owner is a not for profit organisation with even less knowledge of the timber market than myself. They have no interest in making money from the timber but they want the wood thinned to allow more light to the forest floor. I am cutting chestnut on their land and because I am already here with cutters and a small tractor it makes sense for me to do the work, especially as theirs only about 100 tons to come out Thanks
  6. Thank you very much, that gives me a few good leads
  7. Thanks for the reply. The job is near midhurst in west Sussex. There would be some sawlogs, if anyone can suggest a mill who would be interested in logs or chip I would be extremely grateful? As you say, hand cutting the lot for £30 a ton will be a push to make it pay. Thanks,
  8. Thanks for your reply. I have heard of it going for horse bedding but the companies I have spoken to just told me they import it from Russia 😂 As for the price of chip, I think it depends where in the country you are. I used to work in Scotland and the chip was fetching £55 a ton. But now in southeast England I haven't heard of it going for anything like that unfortunately.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I think all the avesta trailers are a bit smaller than I am looking for. I liked to look of the kranman 5 ton because it comes with the option of a drive system which I think would be very useful. However, I am now thinking it would be a bit on the large side for my tractor (agt 850) I currently have a three ton trailer however the cane on it is not very powerful, only 250kg at 3.2m Also thinking about the riko 3 ton trailer, the crane has more than twice the lifting capacity on paper.
  10. Hi guys, I started a thread on pine before but now I can't find it. I have been asked to take on a job thinning a block of pine. Struggling to find a market for the timber though, no one has been interested in taking logs and the haulier suggested cutting the lot for chip at £30 a ton. I only operate small scale machinery and the land owner would expect some form of payment. Keep hearing how standing timber prices are do high, am I missing something?
  11. £500 and i will collect it today 😂
  12. Just shows that any size of machine can get stuck. Glad it's not just me though
  13. Hi there, Has anyone got any experience with the kranman forestry trailers? Especially their durability. Thanks
  14. Personally if I had that but I would not send it for firewood. I would think that you could find a boat builder who would buy it, they need curved planks and can pay a premium
  15. Thanks, it's not a thread though, hard to describe but it's one of the controls that goes down inside the block


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