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  1. Your helmet needs to have a full face mesh visor for ground based training/assessment, not the climbing helmet with the short, half face clear visor type. If your going to move into aerial cutting, get a climbing helmet with a full face mess visor and you won’t need to change it.
  2. Kingswood Training near Sevenoaks have a LOLER Inspector.
  3. You could try www.chainsawtraininglondon.com Dave and Ben are top the their game in Arb training. Kingswood and Scott Fraser are a little further South in North Kent.
  4. I was living in Caerleon in 2002. They ran a carving competition on the patch of grass at the side of the petrol station near the bridge over the Usk. The competitors where from all over the world, one from China. The council threatened to close it down due to lack of PPE, mostly down to the Romanian Adze experts standing on logs and cutting inches from their bare feet (All digits present). Okay I supplied some worn but usable keks and boots to keep the show going, the b***ards nicked them.
  5. Poor technique is your worst enemy. A colleague of mine Assessed a guy a few weeks back who completed his pole rescue on one spike as he had lost a leg in Afghanistan. Very impressive and a credit to his determination.
  6. You may not set any world records but probably won’t be expected too either. Practice, patience and good technique is the main requirement. The development of equipment used in the modern Arb industry has made it easier than ever to learn how to climb whatever you age or experience. It has also extended the careers of many of us who have been doing it for a good while.
  7. I trained a 60+ gentleman a few years back, he had no experience whatsoever. The rest of the group where young guys, some where Gym buddies and physically strong. By the the end of the week the older guy was by far the best climber in the group. Why? Because he paid attention, listened to the more experienced guy and applied himself to it, no YouTube or Google was required.
  8. Bought the missus a great pair of Pffanner chainsaw pants and matching red chainsaw wellies for Christmas last year, she looks great in them and doesn’t realise how hard it was for me to source them in such small sizes, I’m still in the dog house.
  9. I had a Berlingo for years, very economical and reliable, unfortunately it’s will loose traction on the slightest wet incline. I used it when cutting on sites with hard woodland tracks. I now have a Defender 90 for all year round access. A 4x4 is essential unless you work with someone who will take your gear in, or you will be humping gear to the cutting site, even harder to hump it all out again after a day on the saw. You could buy an older Jimny and put some off road tyres on, relatively cheap to purchase and run, they will go just about anywhere.
  10. I dodged one for years purely on it making you look like a c**t. I finally gave in and it has turned out to be worth every penny. No issues with ear defenders falling off like some have reported, really comfortable, you just need to adjust it properly to fit.
  11. Get a new one and use that one for Brushcutter, Strimmer, Hedgcutting etc, anything that doesn’t risk heavy impact.
  12. Total shitbags the lot of them. They are currently hatching a plan to lockdown/circuit breaker over Christmas or New Year and are laughing in our faces whilst doing it. If the UK population tows the line on whatever measures they put in place this time, after seeing the way they are behaving privately, I will be flabbergasted. Saying that, with all the made up fear being peddled around that seems to make grown men cower at their own shadows, nothing would surprise me.
  13. They will be available to the public in 55 years.
  14. I saw one on fleabay a while back that had been retrofitted with 4 pneumatic tyres, the description claimed it made the mobility of the machine far easier. Given the weight of the cumbersome lump I think they where probably right.


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