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  1. No buds resembling any Ash that I have come across and the bark is all wrong.
  2. I took down a couple of trees yesterday, one of which I haven’t been able to fully ID. I priced it in Winter, reckoned on a Tilia and Acer from the bud formation. Arrived yesterday, Tilia correct but Acer looks a little like Negundo but isn’t, hard/white/heavy timber, no discernible smell, Cherry Laurel like bark, not Tree of Heaven, around 40’ tall, spreading habit rather than lapsed pollard. Location-SW France
  3. It’s under 200 quid with a 5 year lifespan from purchase, that’s a massive difference over a new TM, who’s actually used a harness everyday and got 10 years out of it? Mine are usually shabby and rank after 3.
  4. They sold out sharpish and had some pretty good reviews, especially at the price.
  5. With the exception of HGV, I can’t think of any ex forces who I have encountered that had any qualifications worth squat in the outside world, certainly not chainsaw/forestry/arb related.
  6. After Biblical rain on Friday, the weather has settled so today is bright and breezy. Just walked the dog down to the river to check out the flood levels and saw the first Swallows of the year.
  7. It’s been the wettest Winter anyone can remember so far.
  8. Wife’s recipe, not pasta but risotto. I find risotto the best thing in the world to cook, as I can open a bottle of wine even though the recipe only requires a splash, then finish the rest off whilst adding the stock ladle by ladle, good Parmesan is a must.
  9. I would say it’s more like a larger 150 and lighter than a 200, my wrists certainly thank me for it, but I tend to get a back handled saw (550xp) up the tree asap nowadays.
  10. I bought one as a back up saw, at under €400, it comes with a 3/8 picco bar/chain set up here, usually 1/4 pitch in the UK. It’s not a bad saw overall after a couple of tweaks, got it set up with a 1/4 pitch Panther bar and a set of skeleton metal dogs from Rob D.
  11. Thanks for the bullshit update, but no one on here gives a flying f**k.
  12. Have you actually got anything relevant to say on any topic on any thread? I am struggling to remember a Arbtalk member more tedious.
  13. Cant even put the saw strop on right, and as for that carpet. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Cut the worst of it away from the stumps so it can’t wrap around the wheel and check for old concrete post stumps with reinforcement. Any decent grinder (certainly not the one in the photo) will rip those stumps to shreds, the wire won’t be an issue as long as you are operating the machine in the recommended work position.


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