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  1. This surely is the perfect opening for Retired Climber to give us his explanation of the psychological behaviour of this customer, and the correct method to approach any future dialogue for the benefit of the OP.
  2. When I left Bolton in September of 2002 it had rained incessantly for the best part of 9 weeks. I had to cancel quite a few large reductions/dismantles and concentrate on straight fells and conifer jobs instead, waiting for the weather to break, it didn’t. Starting a job in good weather then having torrential rain by mid day is quite normal, I have never called a job off mid way through, but starting a wet Beech, Eucalyptus or Sycamore reduction without gaffs is certainly not my favourite thing to tackle, If I could reschedule, I would.
  3. All a company needs to prove to Insurers is ‘Adequate Training’, under regulation 9 of PUWER. This can be done in house and recorded/updated as necessary. Most companies simply use a training/assessment provider that is widely recognised by insurers such as LANTRA/NPTC, but this is certainly not compulsory.
  4. 5thelement Having spent the majority of the last 5 years dealing predominantly with ADB in Sussex/Kent on large estates, Woodland Trust, RSPB and FC sites. Also doing extensive research planting Ash from all over the world in controlled experimental blocks for the FC. This was his reply to me that he swiftly deleted, he clearly has a hard on for Instructors, maybe his wife ran off with one. So you’re dolescum, you work for dolescum and you claim that some other dolescum won’t be squeezing whatever they can out of some public sector contract. Very credible.
  5. He made a similar comment like this one in another post about ADB, directed personally at me, a load of absolute tosh, then he bottled it and removed his post. He didn’t even have the balls to respond when I DM’d him, he is the archetypal ’Hard Man’ behind his keyboard. I will post his previous post up later when I am through Border Control.
  6. I am not claiming that it doesn’t happen, I just don’t believe the numbers, and they are certainly not responsible for decades of poor investment in our society and infrastructure.
  7. As if these people are just going to be given a house, where from, total nonsense.
  8. I spent 10 years living in Hastings, in that time the coastguard only escorted in a hand full of boats, your being fed media shit. A handful of immigrants aren’t responsible for decades of poor investment in our society and infrastructure by successive governments.
  9. I’ve got a better idea. Rather than f**k my quality gear up trying to prove a point, why don’t you do it, make a YouTube vid and post it instead, I work for a living.
  10. Don’t forget to use it in exactly the opposite way to what the manufactures who designed it say.😉
  11. Yes, the maxi flex has no memory, no one will be decapitated if the strop comes off.
  12. The genuine ‘maxi flex’ cable recommended for use with a genuine Tirfir has no ‘memory’, so won’t fly back at high speed if it suddenly disconnects, it just moves back slightly and hits the floor, that’s why I don’t stand right on top of the object being pulled. These winches where designed to be operated as per manufacturers recommendations for a reason.
  13. You could just put a pulley on the anchor tree and increase the mechanical advantage by nearly double, twice as less strain on the handle.
  14. It looks like you have that winch set up backwards?


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