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  1. Hi Hedge Can you give us a call on this issue.. sgowans @ hotmail.com
  2. What would be the best spray to kill these aphids on a smaller tree ?
  3. Paul - Many thanks for that, the trees are however large and will have to sit it out. I went along tonight and collected a few of the Aphids. There were not as many on the tree as per last night, maybe its the cold wet weather ?? Picture attached.
  4. Southeast tree care - They do look like these however ours are all black...will posts pics tonight ! Paul - Yes the winter was generally mild with very little skiing and low temperatures (not normal) What is the long term effect of these Aphids. Do they damage the Spruce trees ?
  5. Have a client who has several spruce trees along the back of his garden boundary. There are thousands of small aphids across the spruce trees and also the adjacent fence. Don't have a picture of them yet however the Aphids are approx 5mm in size / have a tear shaped body and have 6 legs. I've never seen such an infestation of aphids before. does anyone have any ideas or encountered such an issue. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Any help greatly appreciated
  6. elfie

    550xp wont start

    It was warm the first time the saw wouldn't start however on the the second occasion it wasn't warm.... The saw was replaced for a new saw same model.
  7. elfie

    550xp wont start

    Received the saw back last Wednesday and used it for a job on Saturday and the same problem occurred after a period of time..... it is going back to online shop again. I have request either money back or a new saw as I cant operate with intermittent equipment with less than 10 hrs on it. They say they have to inspect before they can make a decision.
  8. elfie

    550xp wont start

    Bought it online as I bought it without the bar.
  9. elfie

    550xp wont start

    Mapping will be handy as it will show me the way back to the shop if it fails again !
  10. elfie

    550xp wont start

    The shop have said it is the autotune chip which requires to have the latest software installed. Don't quite understand why this should be the case....husqvarna selling saws which don't operate on the original software ! Will let you know how it goes when I get the saw back.
  11. Have just bought a Rayco stump grinder and wondered what the most favoured teeth for this unit are ?
  12. elfie

    550xp wont start

    Still waiting to hear back from shop....
  13. elfie

    Stihl 201TC

    Cheers for the info guys will have a look at this tonight.
  14. elfie

    Husqvarna 262XP

    Thanks guys gives me an idea of what to offer. Saw is mint and used only by a non pro for very occasional use. Tried to offer a bag of bullseyes but nae joy !
  15. elfie

    550xp wont start

    Just bought a new Husqvarna 550xp. The first time I used it for 30 mins and It worked fine. Turned it off, topped it up with fuel then went to start it again after 20 minutes and it wouldn't start. It would run for 1 - 3 seconds after priming then die. Its going back to the shop but any ideas or has anyone else had the same experience ? I've been running 550xp for almost 4 years and no issues or problems other than this.


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