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  1. Yes please Steve and is ther any other advice about advertising ect
  2. Hi just what's the best advertising and also who to use to build a website ECT thanks in advance
  3. The chainsaw guy done one for August huniky it's on YouTube
  4. I have a stihl 076av m8 runs fine if you are interested
  5. Thanks guys will have a look tomorrow and hopefully get some
  6. Hi guys had a quote off gm Ballmer my local dealer for greenmech and they are asking 40 per wheel bearing I have in the past changed normal trailer bearings and the normally only cost between 10 and 20 each do any one know of the size because I would have to dismantle to get part number ECT and have to wait for them to get them in stock so hoping that someone has taken this route before
  7. Hi I have a 076 complete working order for sale if you interested
  8. Didn't know him my self but always a sad th8ng to hear rip m8 and family are in my prayers
  9. hi m8 I haven't got a comp tester but I can tell you that you have to use the decomp cable as the comp is so good
  10. great fight everyone thought that aj was gonna smash klitchko early rounds but as I said he wasn't the right klitchko when he faught fury and I was right both good fighter just luck aj didn't meet klitchko 10 years ago
  11. great advice alec I'm hoping to sell a couple bits of equipment to buy a new large saw for ringing up
  12. will take some tomorrow
  13. hi Mick how do I do that I tree and ask for my password ECT put that all in then it said that It was incorrect
  14. hi guys is there a market for these saws
  15. no problem m8 just seen some reviews about itand they seam pretty Good
  16. all runs great m8 yep chain brake and oiler work fine bar isn a sprocket bar I have a new 36 inch oragon bar chain never used to be sold with this machine
  17. hi guys I have a stihl 076av for sale did try and put it on arbtrader but it would not allow me to what would you say this is worth
  18. hi do you think that you will be able to take order on some August huniky monkey beaver stuff thanks m8
  19. do you think you will be stocking some August huniky monkey beaver stuff
  20. I have and they are funny bees he said it's ok I got two hives and my soninlaw owns a farm with bees also
  21. unfortunately not as I mad the cut through the hive and yes they where not happy
  22. I'm really sweating about it to be hounest but hope all will be ok as the property owner has two bee hive of his own for his own supply of honey
  23. hi guys been taking down a large black popular and as usual inspect the tree before any work commenced but some how missed the bee hive so removed branches then started to rig the colom down then all he'll breaks l99se half way through the back cut so I had no choice but to continue and remove the piece so on the ground they are buzzing mad is the anything that I can get in trouble for


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