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  1. @the village idiot Can you show how some of the older stands and clearances have grown please? Also late mushrooms - have you got these, abundant round here. I so want to see how some of the parts that you have managed have changed, soil, fungi, wildlife and flora. Also any reports of income that you have managed to make because more would love to do it and want to know now long it takes this money pit to start paying just a little bit back, Just go round and be snap happy. I know I am not the only one that wants this.
  2. I really don’t see what the problem is here. If you really think this is a hoax then what exactly is so difficult about putting on a mask, washing your hand, and staying 2m from people is it really so difficult? Who exactly is going to laugh at you? I mean you could call it mind control or something like that, but if you looked at it like norovirus just instead about 1 in 200 people die. Is this really really too hard to bare FFS there is a bunch of nonsense being talked here, my sister in law is a nurse, she normally does post operative care for people that are coming out of surgery, not any more - she is nursing people dying. Now as a nurse she won’t be judgemental about their general all round health, I might be – that is why I am not a Doctor, but best leave my prejudices here. What this means is that anyone but ANYONE that you know that needs surgery of any kind is on a longer queue than they need to be. This is not because we have a national health service that is crap it is because we have run out of nurses and doctors. So please, just wash your hands, wear a mask and avoid crowded places. Use your brains and if you don’t believe any of this – just go and talk to someone dealing with the fallout of people that don’t wear masks, don’t wash their hands, and go to crowded places. Medical professionals are tired and a bit fed up with people that don’t think about this a norovirus on steroids and seem to have a problem with keeping people alive to live their lives to the full and their own. The child, grandfather, sibling or partner that isn’t getting the care they need is because people aren’t using their brains – it is down to how all of us behave. I ask again what exactly is so difficult about washing hands, wearing masks and avoiding crowded spaces and just behaving like a grown up responsible human being?
  3. Have you and the LL thought about getting this more widely publicised? Having some activity that those interested could follow or support *prior* to doing this could make it a powerful story and get the message out about how this is worthwile, but needs an income source to support it. Ever thought about bodging? ?
  4. I would recommend that you get a few snips of grannys tree and graft them. You can do if yourself or pay someone to do it. It is the right time of year. A graft is when you get a rooted young tree stalk and bond a slither of granny's tree to it. This snip of Granny's tree then becomes a new apple tree. Grannys tree is stuck in the ground and the decking gives it little water - it's not really going to get better, You could prune it, but I think this would very short term. It will grow sprouts and die. It is old and unhappy. So buy a generous apple tree and plant it in ground where it stands a chance, take a graft from granny mean tree for the memory and cut down the original when it looks like it's going to fail [not long - in fact storm Ellen would have done for it had it had more leaves] - so you got lucky. You willl get apples from the new one and the mean Granny tree renewed from the graft. Tree's are wonderful things. Memories and even sometimes fruit. Wait long enough and the graft of the Granny tree may break one of your offsprings arm - this is what trees can be. Just do it.
  5. Just put some duck tape of similar on the window every metre or so - they just need a small visual cue to avoid them.
  6. What climate are you in? I think you need a bonsai or gardening forum. It is very difficult to keep a tree small and healthy. The way to make the tree grow well is to plant it in the ground. To keep it in a pot you need expertise that you won't find here. If it is 30 years old then is shouldn't be growing so much as you show? I don't know this is correct but it seems that it is growing too strongly. Copper should be used carefully - it is very poisonous to soil health.
  7. Just don't break a limb and find the insurance isn't good enough, have a child with learning diffculties and your spouse gets ill and loses their job. I travelled to a place where this was the case and was glad to be able to choose to leave early and move on somewhere else. It was not a place I wished to be in anymore and could afford to leave. I would not like to live there it was the best demonstration of "why tax is the worst form of payment except for all the rest"
  8. Have you raised the level of the ground round the bottom of the tree?
  9. Lovely tree, but in the wrong place - it needs to be in parkland not a garden. ?
  10. I can recommend Kania traps for squirrelts. Fast and quick. BTW if you have any greys, they reds are gone - the greys carry a pox that has no effect, it kills the reds.
  11. Rushes


    Lead it back. Make resin with chili powder in it, put it over the top. ?


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