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  1. Sorry. West coast of Scotland and borders
  2. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    Trees just planted and left as Is. Good thoughts on the 3/4 soft wood plants though. Ideally I’d like a day at it to see what I could get in
  3. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    This is a foot in the door for me job. It’s a massive site with a 3/5 year contract for work in all there’s only 3000 hand mounds to be done which in the grand scheme of things probably worth the hassle for long term benefits. Just trying to devise a fair price which isn’t gonna cost me
  4. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    Well given the ground I’d have thought least they could do was let us screef it but apparently has to be mounds. We have an Argo and an access ride above, below and across area needing done. Size of mounds roughly an a4 sheet of paper size would probably do. Really struggling to come up with a price I was thinking anywhere between £0.70-£1.20 But that’s a stab in the dark
  5. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    It’s pretty rocky a machine wouldn’t get anywhere near. The section needing done is on the planting plan so I’m guessing it’s gonna need something in it for grant purposes. Personally I’d screef it plant the trees then look at potentially chemical weeding next year but I’m only paid from the neck to the deck so my opinion doesn’t count [emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    If only life was that easy I’d maybe have two coffees [emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    I had put the idea of using a mattock to clear vegetation then plant tree but estate wants mounds done by hand. I maybe just go with a ridiculous price so they don’t give me it. [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    This is the hill where digger could reach.
  9. Mjk86

    Hand mounding

    Haha seaside sounds pretty decent this is on side of a mountain. [emoji23]
  10. Just a quick question to see if anyone knows how much it would be to hand mound. I can remember doing it back in the early 2000s and I’m pretty sure it was 50p per mound........... does anyone know if this is still the case?
  11. Tree planters wanted from January to work on various sites competitive rates DM for info
  12. I have a client who is needing 3acres of spruce needing felled and stacked ASAP in the Perth and Kinross area. Pm if interested.
  13. I have an abundance of tree stakes all variety of sizes also have tubes all sizes and I’m wondering where’s the best place to sell them Iv tried gumtree with no joy and eBay charge an arm and leg to sell off. Anybody help out here??
  14. Experienced tree planters wanted. Based all over Scotland. Pm me for details and rates


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