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  1. I will come back may be soon after treating with Copper fungicide, may be around August. It comes back to great health in winter when the temprature comes down. Last year it flowered earlier while the tempratures was still low. But even the year before this picture was taken, the needles had fallen a lot. I am concerned because if this continues for a few years, the tree will weaken. I am pretty sure its just fungus attack.
  2. Hello All, Many Thanks for your replies. It is kept small using the bonsai techniques. As you can see the tree came full of cones, which makes me belive that the tree has enough health. It is only in late spring and summer that the needles start falling. I do water it every day with rainwater and prevent it from harsh sun in second half of the day as it is under a plum tree. So water deficiency, I dont think is the issue. Neither is fertilizer as I feed it with liquid fish emulsion. I repotted it two years back. It was in even smaller pot with the person with had it for 30 years. As I asked for, it is a fungal disease Dothistroma or brown spot. Has anyone had experience with treating needle blight on Pines?
  3. Hello Friends, I really need an urgent help for this nice tree that I have. Its a nice some 30 year old tree. For last three years I can see its needles are falling. Mt tree has become bare of needles. I tried looking up the symptoms on internet yesterday and it seems it is suffering from Dothistroma or brown spot. Does someone have experienced this and know which fungicide is known to remove this fungus. Mencozeb was suggested on internet. As it is a very dear tree for me, I would really appreciate any guidance to get it back in health. Thanks for your inputs. Regards Nishant
  4. Hello, I live in Croydon and need some branches of Norway maple (variegated maple ). If you are going to prune or fell one, I would like to have some of the thick branches about 3-5 inches diameter. If you could let me know it would be great. Thanks in advance. I can pay fee for this if you ask for 
  5. Hello, I live in Croydon and need some branches of Norway maple (variegated maple ). If you are going to prune or fell one, please let me know and I would like to have some of the thick branches about 3-5 inches diameter. I can pay you fee for this if you ask for
  6. Bonsai, it is. Can someone tell what's the best way to obtain these. They sometimes come on ebay for a fortune. I am not that rich !!
  7. Hello Friends, I live in Croydon: Uk. I am looking for thick Privet hedge roots. Just wondering if anyone was uprooting Privet, they can let me know and I could arrange for having this collected. So in case you come across a thick Privet which is going to be removed, please let me know. Thanks.


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