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  1. bazoo132

    Why I started Arbtalk

    Brillant read mate. It sounds like you could have done anything you wanted as you have the natural drive to pull it off.
  2. bazoo132

    weeds in a rose hedge

    Tomo that was the very stuff.
  3. bazoo132

    weeds in a rose hedge

    We used to use a granular pre emergent herbicide ( can't remeber the name) we used to use it on ornamental plantings and also in our nursery stock as we planted it up. It was really successful.
  4. bazoo132

    Bulldog Bone in action

    Can you send me some details please Surveyor. Cheers Baz
  5. bazoo132

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Hailstones up in North East of Scotland
  6. bazoo132

    Lanyard Help?

    I'd second the ART positioner. It works great.
  7. bazoo132

    What is this

    Thanks MrNick
  8. bazoo132

    What is this

    Hey guys anyone know what this is? I'm thinking some sort of meally type bug? It's on a Carpinus in town centre must be at least 100-150 of them. Like a small spider web the white stuff in the picture.
  9. Remember to change out the cam on it when you use it with a wirecore flipline (this will do 11-13mm steelcores). There is one specific for the wirecore. Here is a link to the cam. :-)
  10. bazoo132

    Tip site St. Andrews

    Afternoon Guys n Gals, Looking for a tip site in St. Andrews, Scotland. Beech wood chip and possibly logs. Cheers in advance.
  11. bazoo132

    Sorting out someone else's mess.

    Jan, I'm based in Dundee / Muirhead and if you need a punt out with it give me a shout if your wanting to do it as a pro bono to help this old dear out. I could lend you a spare Saturday / Sunday if it helps. Regards Baz
  12. bazoo132

    What type of wood is best for firewood?

    I burn whatever I manage to get on takedowns. As all have said above as long as its about 20% or lower in moisture you'll be fine. I recently removed a large Eucalyptus. I've got it split and will hopefully be burning it next winter. Anyone had any success / experience burning eucalyptus?
  13. My Yale Blue Tongue got clipped with a silky I am looking for someone around the Tayside area to resplice my rope. Does anyone have any contacts up this way that could do it for me. Cheers Baz
  14. bazoo132

    Blue Tongue resplice

    Hey guys l am looking for someone around the Tayside area to resplice my rope. Does anyone have any contacts up this way that could do it for me.
  15. As the above says how easy would it be to convert my electric machine mart splitter to a petrol one. If it could be dine what size of engine would be required? It would make it more versatile for usage. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-vertical-log-buster-6/


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