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  1. I would love that as project, forget using for tree work.
  2. Look at it as a mechanical Silky... Awesome saws for the right job... Light reductions, coni topping etc. I love mine and its always in the truck, would say the ms200 gets 85% of the climbing jobs but when the jobs suits... the 150 is out. It also serves as a backup for the 200. Would i get one as my only tophandle.... nope
  3. Eastern


    Nice thread idead Out of interest where do you guys look for these? Or is it a case of just asking around? Really need to sort out a basic yard for myself.
  4. Nope, but a new one just sold on eBay for over £800 I believe......
  5. As Steve said, you need to add it as an "HTML snippet" this can take a user to your FB page OR with a different snippet show the "amount of likes" your page has and gives the new user a direct link to "link" your page. EDIT - if you used an online website builder like Moonfruit etc, then the forums or FAQ for the host should have this within it as its a common addition to many sites.
  6. Eastern

    too cheap?

    Been deleted, ignore
  7. Sorry, must point out i did see the "why i use aspen" thread but after seeing it was 75 odd pages long thought id just start another thread! Will source a good deal on some and report back
  8. Was actually thinking the same with regards to sticking it in the trimmers also, again, not an everyday tool for me.
  9. Welding mits, long arm ones, Change from £4 from machine mart. worth every penny:)
  10. Planning on using aspen in the 2 big saws that dont see as much use, also in my ms150 which only i use on lighter reductions (so not as often as the 200) Sure i read people having issues switching back and forth between aspen and regular fuel? Big saws are both older Stihls.
  11. Eastern


    What camera do you use? Some of those images are very crisp, some excellent shots
  12. Just been looking at them Marc. Links here - LUG-ALL - Cable Ratchet Winch Hoist
  13. No, was just agreeing that they should come under Lolar thats all Looking through the site right now.
  14. They do seems the business, used one a couple of times and was impressed. First price new on a TU16 i found was about £700! Still wading through the google search.


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