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    climbing trees rocks (if it's there i like to climb it) motorbikes rock music
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  1. Have a few now but could do with a few more Steve, especially the 3 foot ones
  2. All you tree monkeys and no one has a rings of wood going, damn I will have to look harder.
  3. Evening all, been a while since I was on here as I had an accident and can no longer climb and sold Shropshire twisted oak tree services to someone who can carry the business on. However that is not why I am here to moan I am after some poplar or willow or other fresh cut wood rounds have to be 8 inch or thicker and 3 foot across or a bit larger for axe / knife throwing in the Shropshire area. what have you got guys and girls feel free to ring me 07866941348
  4. I agree Steve so make it an area were the ones advertising can peddle their wares with rough guide prices to entice us in, a sort of one stop compare shop, what do you think?
  5. Every day is a school day in this job, and I have had the pleasure of 99% great advice on arbtalk by the members and some of the site sponsors so cheers guys and thanks for bothering to answer some of our dumb questions
  6. Hi would like to see a STICKY thread for newbies starting out with info on insurances and companies that have reasonable rates.Also a sticky on equipment with reviews by user's who have used different machines and there pros and cons.
  7. I have to agree with you Global have been a wealth of information and help, also Greenmech have been a big help with a list of dealers who have second hand machines in stock who do work that they recommend is done to high standards, it all go's to helping you make up your mind on what machine to buy and who from.I would just like to thank all who have chipped in with information and advice on ARBTALK you have made some hard costly decisions a little easier to make and put me in touch with some Very knowledgeable people, who I will remain in contact with for future dealings. Once again thanks Arbtalk your site is AWESOME
  8. have looked into it a bit more since posting this thread, not keen as parts may take time to get and I will not want the chipper I buy sat doing sweet FA if I have to wait for parts for days on end.Mods feel free to delete this thread if you wish I will not be buying the rayco
  9. Hi as quite a few of you know I am in the market for a chipper,this Rayco 8 inch wood chipper is on ebay has anyone used them if so how did they compare to the more popular brands timberwolf,jensen and greenmech. cheers in advance for your thought's comments.
  10. full 9 years but they are used on my car insurance
  11. God I wish I was young (52 years old)well I have just spent a few hours getting quotes and have gone with alliance for £597.09.I had the following quotes 1 £1465 2 £975 3 £720.09 4 £1160.59 5 £600 6 £597.09 so that's the best by far fully com, guess it pays to spend a few hours shopping round
  12. Ok who does everyone use for van/truck insurance, I have just got a 2008 3-way tipper ford transit and some of the quotes are over a grand who do you use?


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