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  1. Would one of the bigger saws dogs fit ? 395xp or something ?
  2. Thanks guys Does anybody know if husky do bigger felling dogs or are there any good aftermarket ones in the uk ?
  3. Anybody know anywhere I can buy 562xp parts online that ship to the uk ? I've managed to get most bits I need off eBay but I still need a top cover and can't seem to find anywhere that ships outside the US 😔 Will uk husky dealer be able to get parts even though the saw isn't distributed in the U.K. ?
  4. Deeco


    That looks like a brilliant machine ! Is there much difference in power after the air filter change ?
  5. Deeco


    Any tutorials that you know of stubby ?
  6. Deeco


    Is the 562xp available in the uk ? If so where from ? Seen this covered before but couldn't find an answer. Cheers in advance.
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  8. Brilliant bit of kit !! Climbed a couple of palms in them and seen my boss at the time block down a pine trunk. Good bit of kit for the right job pruning palms etc would be quite good for big pines possibly, anything reasonably straight and aslong as you leave a completely clean pole I'd say they are 100% worth the investment.
  9. I have the ventilation type a's they are glorious ! I keep my vents closed until it's the hottest point of the day to get full satisfaction from opening them. Even the smallest breeze on the back of your legs is heavenly ! Very durable aswell had mine almost 2 years now and they still look almost new after a wash.
  10. Was my first time on a sledge yesterday stacked 800 in a couple of hours, great fun. Ten bucks an hour was my price
  11. Evening gents Where can I get myself such a fancy gadget ?! been looking into similar set ups but yours looks perfect mr git !! Cheers Deeco
  12. Cut the gate out. the ridge at the bottom that the gate sits in stops the saw falling off. Been climbing like this since I got the saw and it's a breath of fresh air ! Easy to grab one handed and to put it back in a hurry.
  13. Really like this ! Will absolutely be giving it a go. Thanks for sharing
  14. That's a cracking landy Chris !! I just bought this one for my first car . Just need to learn how to drive now !! Glad to see the bang tidy back btw !! Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  15. Deeco

    Monkey puzzles

    Re-reading it is quite funny without a description. This is a tree bicycle ( thinking about it probably not their correct name haha) it's a set of bands that go round the tree and you just jump on and strap in. Loosen and tighten the bands as the trees girth changes. Designed for Palm tree pruning I believe, but a pole is a pole. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App


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