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  1. I wouldn't recommend xstatic as an MRS line. It's fantastic for SRS but I would disagree with geoffers about its durability and it's so stiff and static it's just unpleasant to climb MRS on. I only spliced it as an exercise and because I can 🤷 it's nice to keep things neat for canopy anchors and using retrieval balls but that's about all I use it for. I don't know what the general consensus is on the splife but personally I don't quite trust it yet
  2. I used the drenaline splife instructions as a guide but from memory there is an extra core strand in xstatic so I just left it in with the last core strand, smooth taper and everything Obviously not an approved splice but nice to have
  3. I know courant have their own splice instructions but does anyone know if a standard 16 strand splice will work on this?
  4. Update: durability is not great. Very bouncy with lots of stretch. Splice has appeared to have slipped a little bit since cousin won't release any splice instructions it's impossible to find out. I personally find the best all round rope is non CE cougar or poison ivy
  5. You can set it up with one adjustable bridge (you do some fancy wrapping through holes so no prussick needed), 1 or 2 bridges as standard (no adjustment), 2 bridges where one is adjustable (with use of prussick). I have mine set up with 2 bridges, one of which is adjustable with the prussick. I very rarely use it but as it's adjustable I can tighten it up out of the way when I don't need it and tuck the slack off to the side.
  6. I've had mine for about 2 months and climb almost everyday I love it. So comfortable, light and adjustable. I do however agree with the point made about the smaller lower Ds but once you get used to it, it really isn't an issue and if you're coming from anything other than a treemotion or petzl sequoia you probably won't even have an issue with them It's customisable design is fantastic. The buckles I don't have to loosen to undo but I don't climb with my harness digging into my love handles so ?‍♂️. Considering its price also I think it's a great harness. Another plus is the service life is 10years over the TMs 5 years (not that a TM will ever last 5 years anyway) I loved my TM, swore by and wouldn't recommend anything else but now I've tried the treerex, I doubt I'll go back to the TM unless they actually make some improvements rather than make changes that didn't need doing in the first place but also making them worse than the original (my personal opinion)
  7. The main issue I have is the lower D rings aren't as big as the ones on the likes of the treemotion and petzl
  8. World highly recommend the treerex. It's not perfect but any means but it's definitely my favourite harness I've ever used
  9. @Treerover So I've discussed this topic several times with several chainsaw trouser manufacturers i.e. Solidur, clogger and Husqvarna Kind of got the same response across the board which was that they never addressed the issue as they never believed it was that much of an issue as noone had made a big deal of it. Clogger has a tougher material on the lower part of the right leg on their zeros to which I asked why not on both legs and they said climbers only handle their saw on their right side....... To which I replied "......O.......K....." Whilst looking squintedly at them. Solidur have taken my feedback on board and are releasing a new pant in July - September I believe. I haven't seen these yet so I can't say they have addressed it. Husqvarna..... Well they're Husqvarna so I waste anymore time there Ultimately. Chainsaws are designed to cut trees and if you're any good at sharpening it doesn't matter how hard the material is unless it sheet steel the chain is going to cause damage. I would like to see maybe an easily replaceable patch potentially or a multi layer material. The best thing we can do is keep hounding companies about issues we have commonly and hope that they listen. Or start our own company
  10. I use rigging rings for everything that won't require lifting. They're cheaper, lighter and stronger. Only disadvantage is you can't set them midline but very rarely does that bother me. Otherwise I use the isc flame or whatever it's called. Great pulley and relatively light. Wouldn't waste money on the dmm ones, seen a few where the locking thread has been damaged very easily thus destroying an otherwise perfect pulley. In my mind. Rigging equipment is not really used by you, it's whoever is on the ground and even if you trust whoever you're working with they'll still shag your kit (especially if you're a contract climber). Spend what you have to, get nice kit but spend only what's necessary
  11. Twinline for sure. It's great for DdRT and SRT. I use mine all the time, absolutely love it. Set it from the ground and retrieve easily. Setup frictionless redirects. Super handy bit of kit
  12. Glad I went with the breatheflex pro pants then ?
  13. I'm currently wearing cloggers zeros and I do like them but they lack stretch in the right places for me
  14. After a new set of pants. Work in Australia so if they have good ventilation that will be a big tick. Climbing 90% of the time flexible and comfy a must too Currently tossing up between the Arbpro gammas, sip canopy w-air and arbortec breatheflex pro. Please don't say pfanner, I've had multiple pairs of the ventilation and arborists and I'm really not impressed and do not have the intention of spending that sort of money of overpriced crap (quite happy to spend it on another brand if they're worth it)


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