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  1. Hi all I'm currently a contract Climber based in Adelaide, South Australia. I've been contacting for two years now in Adelaide, worked at companies previously in Adelaide for 5 years. I'm looking to do a little bit of traveling and networking before my wife and I have our first child. My qualifications are : - extended diploma in Arboriculture and Forestry (British) - CS tickets 30, 31, 38, 39, 40 and 41 - AQF Cert 4 in training and accessing - construction card I have all my own kit including - top handle saws - larger ground saws - full climbing kit - full rigging kit - 2014 ford ranger 3.2l 4x4 I am fully insured - public liability 10mil - professional indemnity 2mil I've kept it relatively short and sweet. If you want to contact me further my details are: Tom Stevens 1stcallarborists@gmail.com 0478982994 Cheers
  2. plank_pusher

    Ascender for edelrid talon spikes

    Does anyone have any tips on using a foot ascender with the talon spikes or know which attachable ascenders are compatible with them?
  3. plank_pusher

    Best kit bags? Courant?

    In need of a new kit bag. Really like the look and idea of the Courant cross pro kit bag but slap me and call me little miss Daisy if I'm going to spend that much on a kit bag. What's the best out there or are there any similar to the courant that I won't have do an entire day of contacting to be able to afford?
  4. plank_pusher

    Cousin Atrax Rope

    Are you using it whit hitch or mechanicals? Planing to use it whit ZZ Using it with the petzl zigzag
  5. plank_pusher

    Cousin Atrax Rope

    I've got a 60m length, super smooth and nice. Very soft in the hands, I'm very happy with it but not sure on its durability
  6. plank_pusher

    Tendon Ropes

    Got any pictures or info on said new ropes?
  7. plank_pusher

    New climbing rope

    Cousins atrax 11.5mm is one of the nicest ropes I've ever had. Nice and soft in the hand but great through devices and ascenders
  8. plank_pusher

    Non protective climbing boots.

    I've got the arbpro Evo 2's, got them from gustharts. Some of the comfiest boots I've ever worn. Super light and great for climbing
  9. saw a video a few months ago of some guy using chalk on pine cut (presumably to prevent sap getting everywhere) just wondering if anyone has used this or something similar? thanks in advance
  10. looking at making an adjustable length rope bridge for my treemotion with a kong duck. i know that not all ropes are suitable for bridges. so what ropes are suitable? also if anyone has pics of their adjustable bridge id be keen to see them cheers
  11. plank_pusher

    non protective climbing boots

    Was looking at the Salewa crows. My only concern was that the heel was maybe a touch soft and low for a foot ascender, thought the strap around the heel might dig in
  12. plank_pusher

    non protective climbing boots

    Geez Mick, sorry to hear and see that. i wouldnt be wearing them on the ground on site. the entire idea of the new training office is to increase safety and reduce accidents so if i wore non protective boots for work it wouldnt look too great. I'd be wearing them for teaching and walking the mutts mainly but i get where your concern is from wish you a speedy and good recovery man
  13. plank_pusher

    non protective climbing boots

    recently landed myself some teaching work, so i don't need to be wearing heavy chainsaw boots all day everyday, plus contract climbing it would be nice for those big silky prunes to have some non protective boots to wear, also i'll be doing a fair bit of walking in them and since i've heard from a few folks that the arbpro soles don't last great i think ill stay away from them so i'm looking for suggestions been looking at the lowa cevedales, la sportiva trangos and salewa crows. would love to get some andrew walking boots since i've got the andrew cervino boots at the moment and love them to bits but struggling to find a stockist anywhere (nevermind in little old adelaide) i'd like whatever i get to be resole-able so i can get a few years out of them atleast, and something that i can buy in australia with relative ease what do you guys suggest?
  14. plank_pusher

    Not another climbing rope topic

    Recently bought myself the tuefelberger drenaline, was going well until it began fraying and accidentally clipped it with my spikes. So i have two questions 1. Anyone tried splicing drenaline? 2. Any recommendations that isn’t “tachyon” or “poison ivy” for a durable 24 strand 11-12mm rope with low stretch (not much to ask for i know). Was looking at Yale Limelite (because it looks sexy) thanks all
  15. plank_pusher

    Teufelberger Drenaline

    I’ve had my drenaline a couple of months now. Good rope for the money. Low stretch, tends beautifully through the spiderjack 2.1, paired with the ropeguide it was my go-to rope. UNTIL ... after about 10 climbs (2-4 hours at very most) i noticed more than a few frays, from what i can only presume would be from ascenders or rough bark. Then one day i slipped while doing a removal and just say clipped my rope with my spike and now I don’t feel safe using the slaiced end. Going to try splice the other end, otherwise it will be retired to just SRT (which it is very nice for i have to admit) won’t be upset if it is just an SRT rope but would have loved for it to be more durable i guess.


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