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  1. Saw my first swallow yesterday:001_smile:
  2. That's Heritage logs and other site mentioned is at Bolney
  3. That Sounds a better option than using the wheeled loader !
  4. I take it they are in short lengths, why not offer for sale to be collected from the wood, rather than the hassle of recouping cost of moving yourself. As others have said great firewood, seasons quick,very little ash left, don't know why so many folk turn there nose up at it.
  5. Hi Andrew, i'd be interested, but had a quiet winter and still got plenty of timber left and no more room for anymore at the moment.
  6. With a driver in my experience they will charge for the day even if job only takes a couple of hours
  7. Are you on hpoc, loads of info and helpful members Mine's older unfortunately
  8. If it was me i would go for Yew Eleagnus makes a good hedge what about Laurel or Photinia?
  9. Only had mine since February, but would recomend Balfor's Vario, from Riko. Only a 9ton, around 100kg.
  10. Hiluxr

    Ash dieback???

    All good here. A few are still a bit sparse, but nothing to do with dieback. Never known them to have been that late before.
  11. Hiluxr

    Ash dieback???

    As others have said,they were very late coming into leaf in this area too,and still not fully in leaf. All seemed healthy up until autumn.
  12. Hiluxr

    New Ford Ranger

    Thats interesting,could never understand why they offer bigger engines in other parts of the world and not in the uk. At 200k yours is just run in:001_smile:,what year and colour is it?
  13. I would use old telegraph poles, used to be able to get them from a company at Rudgwick. Try Beacon fencing, don't think they stock them but they might be able to source for you. For chestnut,try cgw chestnut. Think they are in Midhurst area. Failing that a reclaimed materials yard or landscape supplies company. Let us know how you get on.
  14. Thanks for the replies,keep them coming good or bad. Appreciate the comparison with the Huskys, but having been a Stihl user for 30 years, i am unlikely to switch. I am replacing my ageing 025, so also considering the ms251 and ms241.


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