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  1. Thanks for the replies, I was just trying to give the work to a forum member as Arbtalk has been a wealth of information for me.
  2. Hello, hoping someone can help. My brother is trying to get planning on his house, in south Oxfordshire, and has been asked to provide an 'arboricultural impact assessment in accordance with BS 5837:2012 (Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction Recommendations). This should include trees within 15m of the proposal including trees within and outside of the site. The arboricultural impact assessment should evaluate the direct and indirect effects of the proposed design and where necessary recommend mitigation. Full tree protection information, including an Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan, should also be submitted to support the application to demonstrate how existing trees will be protected throughout construction.' Is anybody in that area and qualified to provide the above?
  3. These are the youngsters that will make the world a better place in years to come. Good luck to your daughter, she got my vote Robin
  4. Hello all, Thank you for taking the trouble to reply! cot - I originally considered taking a level 2 course and the fact that the NPTC qualifications came with the course was a major draw, but like the 2 year level 3 diploma, i would still have to wait until next September to begin, which leaves the intervening time otherwise wasted.. I would like to formally learn the theory side of the job so will probably enrol on some sort of college based course regardless. SAM66S- I have actually signed up for an evening course doing the ABC level 2 at my local college but sadly it's still unsure as to whether the course will run due to low numbers. It seems like a good goal, if possible, to pass my ABC, gain the required NPTCs then apply for my RFS certification before going onto a level 3 diploma. I would like to go level 3 to give myself the option of further education. From what you guys have said and what I've read it looks like passing CS30/31 + 38, then seeking basic employment before taking a level 3 course whilst working a couple of days a week is the way to go. Now i just need to find a willing employer to devote some time to teaching an old dog some new tricks! Thanks again! Robin
  5. Thanks for the reply Will! This sounds like a good starter plan, i've emailed a few local NPTC training providers about 30/31, hopefully this will help in finding initial experience/work in the industry. All the best, Robin
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply Slack', perhaps I'll post an exploratory offer of services in the employment section and email some local arboricultural companies.. Cheers, Robin
  7. Hello everyone! I am hoping some of you might be willing to give me some advice as I'm considering moving into the Arboriculture industry. Dad had a small logging company before I was born and the house I grew up in only had a wood burner for heating, so I started to use a chainsaw and an axe from a young age, but that's the depth of my experience to date. I'm currently self employed and financially stable but find my work a bit boring and a little unfulfilling. Given that I only work a couple of days a week, it seems like a good idea to learn another trade and devote some time to work that brings me some joy and keeps me fit. As I grew up in the woods and love trees, Arboriculture seems like the obvious choice, particularly as we've just bought a house that runs on solid fuel. So, after much waffling, the question is: -Do I enrol at the local college (Cannington) and take a 2 year, level 3 course? and/or: -Pay for my CS30 + 31 + maybe CS38 and look for volunteering opportunities or low paid work experience in the area? -Something else? I'm 30 years old, already own a Stihl ms 260 and PPE, drive, am competent with a trailer and willing to work a couple of days a week for free for a year or two.. Thanks in advance Robin


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