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  1. They gave me a price for the job, I supplied all materials- an extra 7 K . I was told the job would take 3 weeks, so I assumed it meant possibly 15 days , maybe 8 hrs / day inc travelling. , so about £ 260 each / day. Once the job started I was told they didn't work Fridays , there was also a bank hol in there as well. If the job had been within my comfort zone I may well have asked for a breakdown before starting, however I needed the work doing in a particular time frame so I had to bite the bullet. The workmanship was good- I inspected it inch by inch ( I have done a certain amount of traditional slate roofing and leadwork and have checked out a raised seam roof a few months ago ) - I also gofered a bit and put up all the guttering in steel myself, but I did not get either a receipt or a written gaurantee - just we'll fix it if there's any probs- the lads were recommended by the importer of the roofing material .
  2. Regards day rates, I recently paid 2 roofers £ 400 per day each for 10 days work - they were 8 hour days which included travel . £ 8000 total. This for a raised seam steel roof on a single story bungalow- they had 2 specialised bits of kit, a bender and an edging machine- about £ 4000 in kit( new cost ) . I couldn't get 3 quotes for the job- it was on the coast in E yorks- not a high wage area by any means, only a one man band and his lad wanted the job. Right now for specialised trades like this one it does appear rates are pretty high. My mate who is a mid size property developer pays £ 250 / day for brickies/ chippies in E yorks.
  3. Wonky, Thanks for linking to the post from 2018 , there is a stack of info to mull over here...
  4. I use Stihl chains, and use a 5.2 mm round file for my 3/8 chain, as recommended. I have seen a few comments suggesting that as the teeth get smaller on re sharpening it is a good idea- with Stihl chains at least - to move to a 4.8 mm file for the last few sharpenings before throwing the chain. Does anyone out there actually do this, or do most users just carry on with a 5.2 until the chain is gone ?
  5. Hi, In general does the bolt securing the sprocket / clutch on a chainsaw ( in this case old Makita DCS6000i ) have a right hand thread or is it a left hand ( like the drive side end of a bike bottom bracket ). I need to change the sprocket which is pretty tight on and just want to make sure I am applying force in the correct direction ......


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